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Erika Kósa
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Dec 29, 2018
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For Human Direct, 2018 has been the best year this far.

A lot of great things happened, many accomplishment, events and fun celebrations.

Here is our recap of 2018.

Andreea’s Anniversary @ Human Direct

We started off the year with Andreea Măjeri’s anniversary at Human Direct.

On this occasion, we gave her a loyalty gift and a well-deserved diploma. The diploma attests her skills and expertise as a Testing and QA Recruitment specialist.


New People Onboard

We dedicated the first semester of 2018 for the internal recruitment process with the objective to hire 2 new HR specialists.

Mission accomplished!

Running for a Good Cause

Together with our colleague Tihamer, also known as “the running guy”, we entered a charity project.

We agreed that for each km he runs at the marathons and crosses, we will donate a generous amount to the charity associations that help people in need.

Tihamer participated in both the Cluj and Budapest marathons, as well as other contests, running a total of 230 km.

But we want to tell you more about our charity work in a future blog.

What it’s fur sure is that we want to continue this project in the year to come as well.

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Celebrating Lia, Our New Managing Partner

Lia Ganea is our new Managing Partner and shareholder and takes on the Recruitment and Consulting branches.

This fortunate change has brought greater results on the second semester of 2018.

Meanwhile, we celebrated each of the team player’s b-days and anniversaries properly.

For this, we had Sasa Party at our side, while we took care of the surprises and fun activities. We love to surprise our colleagues in the most creative ways possible.

It’s our way to express our deepest gratitude and appreciations for their work and implication.

In July, we celebrated Lia’s 5 years at Human Direct with a big gathering in our newly decorated summer garden.

And it went something like this:



Taking a Stand @ ZoomIn 2018

Another big event was our participation at the ZoomIn Event.

Lia had a speech about the employee’s experience during the recruiting processes in IT companies.

We were so proud of her (and still are)!


Summer Fun @ The Hungarian Cultural Days 2018

This summer we prepared a few surprises for the Cluj-Napoca pedestrians on the Eroilor Blvd.

Our stand at The Hungarian Cultural Days was not just a lounge area with our TM cupcakes and delicious coffee, but also a place where people could discover the latest IT jobs in Cluj.


In addition, we offered them info on the IT employment market trends in Cluj.

We had a fun time answering the most frequently asked questions about the IT career opportunities in Cluj and how you can enter this area.

We had a blast!

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Our Brand New Project, The Approach Academy

By the end of the summer, we were already working on a new business plan for the Approach Academy. The idea belongs to Ana Sandu, who is the Managing Partner for the Approach Academy.

Ana Sandu is an organization psychologist with plenty ideas for the courses and the seminaries that will be included in the Approach Academy.

This academy is the first of its kind in Cluj, that we know of.

Its mission is to train the future IT recruitment specialists in Cluj by offering practical and experimental soft skill courses.

We trust Ana’s Approach Academy greatly!


The first course is dedicated to HR specialists who want a career in IT recruitment.

There are 7 days left for anyone interested to enroll to this first Approach Academy course.

Sounds interesting? Register here:


Give Us a Go, an Oculus Go

Autumn was all about contests and surprises.

We launched the “Give Us a Go” contest, where candidates who visited our stands could try the VR Oculus Go.

In November, we draw the lucky winner of the Oculus Go.


Ana Wins Our City Break Contest

Speaking of which, we also had an internal contest.

It was a surprise reward for our HR specialists. The winner was Ana Sandu, who enjoyed a city break in Rome, together with her partner.

Of course, she brought us a fridge magnet and lots of beautiful pics where she included the Human Direct stickers.

We absolutely loved them!

TdC Reminded Us Why We're Doing IT Recruitment

The 2018 events is not yet over.

We had a stand at The Career IT Fair in Cluj at the beginning of November. There we met a lot of junior IT specialists interested in our projects.

It was here that we once again realized how much we love working in IT recruitment.

The junior IT specialists in Cluj are very curious, intelligent and open to discuss their future career plans. And this was such a great thing to see.


Wrapping Up 2018 with A Fun Team Building, MasterChef Style

Last week, we had our final team building of 2018.

It was funny, creative and useful at the same time.

We were two teams against each other in a MasterChef style contest, gingerbread baking. After the delicious competition, we also had a Secret Santa that we all enjoyed.

It was a very special day for us, that we will tell you more about in a future blog.

Meanwhile, we leave you with some sneak-peek shots:

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We’re Very Proud for Our Accomplishments

At the end of this month we had a presentation where we shared the Human Direct accomplishments of 2018 with the team.

We’re truly proud with the IT recruitment specialists that we have and with the whole Human Direct team.

In comparison with the results we had in 2017, this year we registered a 40% raise and this is due to the specialists that we have, their hard work and dedication.

They make the pillars of Human Direct and in 2019, we plan on increasing the team.

Our goal is to offer the best quality services in the IT market with the human approach, that differentiates us from the rest.

Sending My Thanks To...

I want to thank our Technical Advisor, Csaba Balazs for all the innovative tools and solutions, that have enabled us to work more efficiently and have better results.

He always surprised us with amazing products and extensions he brings. I cannot thank you enough for the hard work, implication and tremendous help!

I send my gratitude to the Human Direct team, for their brilliant ideas and input.

You are the people who I entrust to build a stronger Human Direct for the year to come, with many useful projects for the IT community of Cluj-Napoca.

I want to thank Lia for the way in which she coordinates the recruitment and consultancy team. Your decisions have helped us grow in terms of productivity and make a huge step ahead in 2018.

I couldn’t have missed sending my deepest appreciations and thanks to Stefano Pesucci for believing in me and for helping Human Direct with the consistent financing 7 years ago, when we just started.

Ever since, we offers me amazing business consultancy that I am very grateful for!

Thank you deeply for all that you’ve done for Human Direct!

Last but not least, I want to thank Chris Nemeș for the amazing photos he always takes for us. I am sure the whole team agrees with me! Thank you, Chris!

Human Direct’s New Year Resolution

This being said, we’re super excited for the year ahead.

Our goal is to double the number of IT recruitment specialists and reach the 100 projects per month target.

In addition, we’ll be launching our first Human Direct product that we will build together with Andreea and Csabi. We will reveal more about it, when the time comes.

Yes, we want to do a lot in the year that comes. We have big plans for 2019.

But we rest assured that our higher mission to do add value and offer our very best to the community will be the fuel to get us there.

Thank you all for trusting in us!

May you have an amazing 2019 with all that’s best in the world.

My deepest gratitude,

Erika Kosa

Managing Director & Organizational Psychologist

Human Direct

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