Lia’s 5th Year at Human Direct Called for A Celebration

Ana Sandu
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Aug 09, 2018
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So it happened. Lia Mihuț, the mother of dragons (GOT reference), this lovely lady who’s helped Human Direct grow into what it is today, marked her 5th year with us. Lia was and still is, Erika and Csabi’s right hand, the team coordinator that has always had inspiring ideas, a load of determination and passion for psychology and HR.

The event called for a gathering, a photo shoot, many surprises and cake, to top it off. But let’s start with the very beginning.

It all happened this Monday, July 30th, on a lovely summer day at the Human Direct office. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, the Human Direct garden got some awesome summer vibes and everyone was in a good mood.


When I arrived at the office, there was a lovely display of pastries, choux à la cremes and fruits to everybody’s delight. I met the two new team members and I had the chance to chat and get to know them better. We will tell you more about them in a future blog post.

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Along came Erika and Csabi with a few surprises in the bag for Lia’s celebration and Chris, our photographer, who’s always by our side when we need him. Soon enough the entire team was there and the surprises started to unroll. First, Erika thanked Lia for her loyalty towards Human Direct and for being the pillar that she has been, for 5 years now. Lia received a themed gift - Game of Thrones board and trivia games, to her delight.

The gift was totally relatable to Lia, as she is a great fan of GOT (she knows the entire family tree of house Targaryen).

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And then, of course, Erika came with the idea that each of us writes a message for Lia on a post-it note. The post-its went on Lia’s back, so that she didn’t know who wrote what. This was quite fun actually. Everybody was super creative and we had lots of fun when Ana read them one by one and tried to make up a beginning and end story with the notes.

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Then it was picture time. Chris took some photos of us in the garden with our brand new Human Direct t-shirts and then we went to the nearby Museum Square. A few more photos, lovely chats and we went to lunch to finish off a great afternoon that started on such a good note.


But the day didn’t end here, because later on Erika prepared another surprise for the team. This time a more physically engaging and adrenaline pumping experience: a paintball game. We split into two groups, the .NET team and the Java team, and we fought to the very last breath to get the flag.

Such a good time we had. Nobody lost, both teams won a day of fun and adventure, alongside like minded people.

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We want to thank Lia, once again, for having been with us for such a long time, for trusting in our vision and supporting everything that we want to do for the IT and HR industries in Cluj. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Lia has shared some of her thoughts with us:

It was a lovely day that offered me the chance to see how my colleagues perceive me. It’s hard to do that when you’re caught with recruitment, talking with candidates, clients and you’re not quite used with asking your colleagues: hey, what do you like about me?
All your words gave a lot of energy which later in the day I could use at Paintball, for the first time ever.
It’s a tremendous satisfaction to see how an idea, a dream takes shape in a team of people who are as passionate and enthusiastic as you are.

At the end of the day, we spent such a fun Monday in the new and extended Human Direct family. I promise that we will come back with more details soon about our new colleagues. In other words, to be continued… Until next time, enjoy summer!

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