We have no KPIs to meet for this page, so we made it fun.

We’re a purposefully small bunch of people.

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Everyone’s here to
meet you. Hello!

Erika Kósa
Erika Kósa
Managing Partner
Balázs Csaba
Balázs Csaba
Technical Advisor & Managing Partner
Andreea Măjeri
Andreea Măjeri
Recruitment Technical Lead
Lia Bălan
Lia Bălan
Head of Recruitment
Diana Vasiliev
Diana Vasiliev
Technical Recruiter | Team Lead
Réka Illyés
Réka Illyés
Sr. Technical Recruiter
Evelin Rozek
Evelin Rozek
IT Recruitment Consultant
Orsolya Szígyártó
Orsolya Szígyártó
Technical Recruiter
Victoria Vanica
Victoria Vanica
Technical Recruiter
Dragoș Lazăr
Dragoș Lazăr
Junior Technical Recruiter
Mădălina Nastasă
Mădălina Nastasă
Partnerships Lead - Head of L&D
Noémi Nagy
Noémi Nagy
Partnerships Lead
Lia Mihuț
Lia Mihuț
Sr. Recruitment Consultant
Emese Német
Emese Német
Head of Growth
Anne-Lise Ciontoș
Anne-Lise Ciontoș

We’re all of the following

  • We’re the ones doing IT recruitment with a human approach

    You’ve guessed it, that’s where the name Human Direct comes from. We appreciate effort, passion, and dedication that we see in talents we recruit - these are the key ingredients that we put into our everyday work. We highly value authenticity, sincerity, transparency, and unity in our relationships. These values are reflected in the relationships we create and maintain with the candidates.

  • We’re colorful and positive

    We’re a team of 15 colorful personalities who take sense of humor very seriously, and are in a good mood most of the days. We value the differences that make us who we are both as individuals and as a team. One more splash of color would definitely make a great addition to the Human Direct painting! Are you a green? Are you a neon blue? Don’t tell us: you’re a fuchsia!

  • We’re all about big brains with small egos

    Working in IT recruitment is highly fulfilling, and we love it. One of the main reasons for us loving it is the fact that we are working with modern tools and solutions, and we’re continuously improving in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving IT companies. Our focus is partners growth. Our success is defined by the best opportunities that we create for the professional achievement of our partners and candidates.

  • We’re scientists at heart

    Talent Science is at the core of our motivation. Having an IT or tech background ourselves, we embrace diversity, understand the managers’ hiring objectives, their business, and the mission of the developers’ team. At the same time, we understand the developers and their motivation. All these dimensions can be translated into numbers to guarantee the recruitment success to our clients and our candidates.

Our values

Human approach

We help new employees and managers to build strong relationships from the first days and weeks of their new job.
Together we blend human touch of developers first days at their new workplace.


Our recruitment process is created by a technical team that makes the developer experience more extraordinary in the simple way. We are not interested in long interviews, we encourage our partners to get in touch with new hires in motivational technical sessions.


Our focus is partners growth. We are all successful when face to face welcoming of the new developers is done correctly. Our success is defined by the best opportunities that we create for their professional achievements.

Plus a team of experts that support us on a daily basis.

  • Cosmina Buhaescu
    Cosmina Buhaescu
    Talent Finder, Life and business coach
  • Vajda Mihály
    Vajda Mihály
    Senior IT Recruiter
  • Camelia Macsim
    Camelia Macsim
    CV Writing Expert / LinkedIn Optimisation
  • Valentina Sava
    Valentina Sava

Putting things in motion with our freelance network.

Think of a company, city, country - or whatever place you can think of, really. Now, with our extended network of freelancers, we probably have someone that’s a right fit for your company.

Get in touch with us

We have a flexible process
that works.

Hiring the best candidates for the job is what we did for the past 10 years, and we’ll continue doing that. Everyday.

5 days
Sourcing the best candidates
3 days
Leading the interviews
9 days
Technical interviews
5 days
Hiring is complete