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What we do

A few areas of expertise and services we are best at

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategy

Let Human Direct develop a recruitment strategy tailored to your needs and business aspirations, reducing the time required for finding the best software developers.
IT Individuals

IT Individuals

We can help you take your company's tech team to the next level by recruiting the best individuals, from developers to creative designers.
Tech Teams

Tech Teams

Using our own tested and proven recruiting strategies, we are ready to deliver complete tech teams, ensuring the positive growth of your business.

Helping Startups

Helping Startups

We are committed to helping small businesses grow, by building teams composed by key individuals from ground up, giving the necessary boost to your startup.


We are here to help identify problems in poorly performing teams, gaining insight on common problems, giving you actionable solutions to make your teams flourish once again.


Lots to accomplish, but you don't have to do it alone. Building a plan for your career and professional development is critical for long-term success - that's where a career coach comes in.

How we do it

A small introduction to our recruitment process so you'll have a clear picture
what to expect during the recruitment campaigns

Our 7-Step


Meet You

First, we schedule a meeting with a technical representative from your company, be that the Hiring Manager or the Team Lead. Our Technical Advisor and Recruitment Coordinator will evaluate your recruitment needs. Our scope is to gather information on what you need, starting with the internal processes and procedures, projects, products, organizational culture, teams, to sketch the job profile for the open position. This step is important so we can learn more about your company but also to get to know each other better.


Creating the
Position Profile

After you’ve provided us with everything required for the open position, we will take it from here. At this stage, our team composed of an organizational psychologist and our Technical Advisor build the profile description based on the information we gathered. The profile is quite complex and it comprises technical skills required by the position, desired personality traits and soft skills. You will receive a summary of this data for validation or modification before we can move on to the recruitment strategy.


Elaborating the

After we’ve received the validation from you, the next step is elaborating the documentation for the open position. We’re talking about the Recruitment Sheet or Profile Description, a very detailed job description document. At this point, it is very important that we gather information from the Team Lead, Hiring Manager or an employee hired on a similar role in your company.


Designing the
Recruitment Strategy

Now that we have all on "paper", this is the point where we develop the recruitment strategy that is right for you. This is a complex process that focuses on the means and the methods that can bring us the desired results in the shortest possible time. When the strategy is ready, you will receive 2-3 calibration profiles for the position. It is important that we receive your feedback ASAP to make sure that the recruitment strategy we have developed is the right one for you. The more accurate the recruitment strategy, the higher the conversion rate and the shorter the time to hire.


Sourcing the

The moment we receive the feedback for the calibration profiles, we are ready for the hunt. We approach as many candidates as needed from our extensive database, who are open for a job opportunity and highly confident in our professionalism. At the end of our sourcing campaign, we'll find the most suitable candidates matching the skill-sets, experience and cultural fit. Usually we send the first recommendations within 8 days, but it can take more or less, depending on the time of the year and other market factors.


Interviewing the

The interviews differ depending on the recruitment package you’ve chosen, ranging from online interviews via Skype to face to face interviews at our office. The goal is to filter out the candidates whose motivation or skills do not match your company’s objectives. For this, our specialized organizational psychologists know exactly what questions to ask and what to look into.


Presenting the

At the end of the selection stage, we will present each qualified candidate to be scheduled for a Technical Interview with your team. After a candidate has passed all the interviews with your team, we collect the final feedback, discuss a potential offer and your plans for the candidate. In terms of consultancy, we can advise you about motivation (ideal salary offer or other aspects that are critical in the decision process) and market trends. We make sure you'll have all the necessary information to make the best decision.


Steps 5-6-7

We know, we know...
We said only 7 steps. This step exists only to ensure you we'll repeat steps 5-6-7 endlessly, until your recruitment goals are met. That is we will continuously source, interview and recommend candidates until you have filled the gap in your team.

while (!isPositionFilled()) {
 // coffee();
 // coffee(2);

What do companies say?

Human Direct is an exceptional partner when it comes to recruitment. They focus on quality rather than quantity, which is exactly what we need and how we got some exceptional colleagues.

Human Direct is a great sourcing team which always strives to understand both employer and employee needs. Reliability, quick feedback and communication is what sets them apart in a highly competitive market.

We have had a very professional collaboration with Human Direct over the past 2 years and they have given us some of the best colleagues we have now. They really understand one's needs and try to recommend the best suited profiles although the market is not always the friendliest. We hope to continue our collaboration in the same manner in the future.

Human Direct helped us find the talent we needed, providing us excellent guidance for our recruiting needs.We really like their style and type of communication and most importantly the HR expertise they bring to our company.

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