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We have a very fast process
that works.

Hiring the best candidates for the job is what we did for the past 10 years, and we’ll continue doing that. Everyday.

5 days
Sourcing the best candidates
3 days
Leading the interviews
9 days
Technical interviews
5 days
Hiring is complete

Results we deliver to companies

Assessing candidates’ skills, attitude, potential and making sure the best-fit candidate is your hire - this is what we did for the past 10 years, and we’ll continue doing that. Every day.


The more hires you need, the more we deliver - our results have increased by every 3 years


With a 100:1 assessed to hired ratio, we are invested in every step of the process

Quick return

Most of the time, we help you hire within a 30 days time frame

We’ve been in business long enough that people talk.

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The guys I had contact with here, Evelin and Réka, were absolutely amazing during the whole process. Straightforward, transparent, and extremely helpful, they helped me get an amazing new position.

Zsolt Zolcsak
Thanks, Zsolt!
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