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So it happened. Lia Mihuț, the mother of dragons (GOT reference), this lovely lady who’s helped Human Direct grow into what it is today, marked her 5th year with us. Lia was and still is, the team coordinator that has always had inspiring ideas, a load of determination and passion for psychology and HR.

Ana Sandu
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The long-awaited Zoom IN 2018 - Employee eXperience event by Azimut took place last Thursday in Cluj and we very were excited to be a part of. The event's main goal was to assess specific business, management and HR processes, with a focus on the employee’s experience. The organizers also aimed to create a networking environment for HR professionals, top and middle managers and people interested in their professional development.

Andreea Laza

This week we celebrated our veteran team member, Lia on her 4th anniversary at Human Direct. Lia is not only a part of our team, but we can firmly say that she is a driving force in the company. We celebrated Lia with many jokes, laughter, surprises and gifts, but before we jump into that we want to share with you Lia’s story at Human Direct.

Andreea Laza