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Andreea Laza
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May 03, 2018
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The long-awaited Zoom IN 2018 - Employee eXperienceevent by Azimut took place last Thursday in Cluj and we very were excited to be a part of.

The event's main goal was to assess specific business, management and HR processes, with a focus on the employee’s experience. The organizers also aimed to create a networking environment for HR professionals, top and middle managers and people interested in their professional development.

We really enjoyed the event because for us it was a great opportunity to make our philosophy heard but also discover like-minded professionals and expand our network.

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This time around the entire Human Direct team was present at the event, and in addition to this, we also had a presentation/discussion.

Lia overcame her emotions and gave a speech from the recruiter’s standpoint in regards to the employee’s experience. Although it was her first time ever publicly speaking in from of a knowledgeable audience on our behalf, we do believe she nailed it.

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She opened the talk by highlighting our human approach that is the principle and foundation of each recruiting campaign that we run. Our main goal here is to try to understand the candidate, his or her goals and beliefs, even offer them career advice if needed. And for this we allocate a lot of time and energy.

Then, in order to have a continuity and build a relationship, Lia mentioned the tools that we use to streamline this process and create a better recruitment experience for the candidate.

Last but definitely not least, having a technical adviser in our team, who is up to date with the IT trends, latest programming skills and languages is what positions us ahead of the game and completes the circle.

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While these were the focus points in Lia’s speech, the little over 10 minutes she had were also filled with excellent questions from the audience. Her answers tell you a lot about our approach and our philosophy in recruiting for the IT industry.

You will also learn some insights about how we overcame obstacles and faced challenges, what we’ve learned along the way and how we grew into the people we are today.

In this sense, we would like to invite you to take a few minutes of your time and hear her out from the live Facebook streaming.

But before we end the blog, we would like to thank Azimut for the open-hearted invitation to take a stand and make our voice heard at the Zoom IN - Employee eXperience of this year.

We really had a wonderful time and cannot but congratulate the organizers and partners for their combined efforts to put together such an amazing HR event and of course, for raising the bar. Until next time! :)


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