Andreea’s 2 Years with Us Called for a Celebration

Andreea Laza
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Jan 10, 2018
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Exactly 2 years today Andreea Măjeri aka „The American Dreamgirl” as we like to call her, was joining the Human Direct family as IT recruiter. So yes, this called for a celebration, Human Direct style. But before we go into how we celebrated Andreea’s second year within the family, we want to say a few words about her so you get to know her better.

Andreea indeed is the „American Dreamgirl”. She joined the team after an American experience, where she learned that there are different ways of doing things, different mentalities and business values, compared to those on the local scene. We clicked right away because she saw in us what she experienced abroad. A company that puts a lot of focus on the people, enabling them to make use of their creativity and thus helping them grow. As we do believe that a business can only grow as much as each member of the team. She resonated with our values and we were so happy to have her onboard, given her fresh perspective and drive to grow.

Andreea clicked with us right away and over these past 2 years, her loyalty, trust in us and her enthusiasm for learning and becoming a better IT recruiter have all reflected in her amazing results. Today we are happy to hand Andreea the title „Testing and QA Recruitment Expert”, a title she has earned at Human Direct.


We figured we’d surprise her with a diploma for her merits, because she is the person who knows most about QA Automation recrutiment at Human Direct. We also put up a presentation on this theme, as part of our internal knowledge sharing process. And of course, we couldn’t have gone without giving Andreea a special gift that we hope she’ll love using.

We all know that Andreea is really passionate about cooking so we want to support this passion of hers. We got her a tablet with a support and a wooden spoon so she can get to business. The cooking business that is. We challenged her to prepare for us the recipe that was opened on the tablet (a congrats’ cake), so we’re eager to “have a taste of” Andreea’s cooking skills. We’ll let you know how it was.


Andreea, before we end the blog, we want to share a few words with you, that we hope will make you understand (once again) how important you are for the team, and how much we appreciate you being here with us!

A Few Words from Each of Our Hearts

Lia: “If I were to make a brief description of you, Andreea, I would say that you are a Fearless Recruiter with a load of determination for overcoming any obstacles that come your way. You always find the creative solutions for bettering your skills and yourself, which I truly admire of you. From overhauling the sourcing process, by using unconventional platforms to find mysterious candidates (who would have imagined it could work!? :)) to puzzling the candidates with highly technical testing questions, you stimulate us to use our creativity more, to be quicker in applying solutions and have that positive energy and drive to get the work done.”


Ana: “Andreea, you always surprise me with the preseverence and the tenacity that you approach candidates with. You have this gift to always stay positive and back up your stand, even when the going gets tough. I tried to mimic your attitude because I think your way of seeing things is very healthy and effective. In addition to your professional abilities, you are a very warm and innocent person, genuinly calm and kind. It's a pleasure for us to be around you. I mostly admire you for your determination and courage”.

Erika: “I liked you from the very first interview. You were a happy person with a positive attitude who knew how to handle the "situation". And that was me trying to control my breathing throughout the interview, with a huge baby bump weighing me down, while doing my utmost to present you the company and the job. During probation you proved to be very creative and innovative solutions oriented, which we really admire about you. This is the reason I always like to consult with you when it comes to promoting the brand and the jobs. And you never fail to surprise me with your genius “out of the box” ideas that are quite effective too! You are a very flexible person, that reflected in how fast you adapted to our fast work pace. Over the 2 beautiful years you’ve been with us, you showed a great opening to change when it came to internal procedures and tools, meant to streamline the work processes, and we thank you for it!”


Csabi: “Andreea, you are the first to respond to the tools and Human Direct extensions. Being that you are very tech-oriented, whenever I bring a new solution to the table to minimize the time lost with the sourcing process, I rely on you to give me an accurate feedback. This helps me a lot as well as the team. To date, thanks to your involvement, I have been able to implement very many solutions and I am very grateful for this. Thank you, Andreea for making the most of these tools.”

Andreea, we thank you for being such an awesome trooper, we value your work, your friendship and your personality to the last bit! We sure hope we will have you around for many more happy years to come! Thank you!

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