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Andreea Laza
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Nov 07, 2018
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When: 9 - 10th of November 2018 (starting 10:00 am)

Where: Sala Polivalentă Cluj

The most important career event in Cluj-Napoca this fall is undoubtedly the IT Career Fair Cluj. It’s the 12th edition of this job fair, that gathers around 3.500 participants annually. This year, the event will gather over 40 local IT companies with very many exciting job opportunities for you. As an IT recruiting company in Cluj, of course we will also be there and we hope to meet you there too. Don’t miss it, it’s this weekend!

Why come to the IT Career Fair Cluj?

We have loads of job offers for programmers, developers and IT engineers that we invite you to look into. Maybe you’re not actually looking for a new job, but this shouldn’t stop you to come and have a chat with us. We invite everyone interested to see what’s new and what are the IT job trends in Cluj to our stand. Networking never killed anyone, right? And building relationships is one of the reasons we attend the IT Career Fair in Cluj this year. The main reason is to find the best job opportunities for IT professionals in Cluj-Napoca.

We even have a surprise for you

We have started a contest on our Facebook page and the prize is an Oculus Go. So we have decided that the best time and place to hand the award to our winner is the IT Career Fair this weekend. We do believe the IT jobs fair is a great opportunity to wrap up our contest. For those of you who haven’t enter the competition yet, there’s still time left! All you have to do is access our Facebook page and share one of the jobs we have pinned on top with the contest announcement, or tag an IT friend who would be interested in one of the jobs there. Hurry up, the time is ticking!

Hope to see you there

The IT Career Fair in Cluj-Napoca is a major job event for the IT industry. This translates to “don’t miss it” if you’re an IT professional, either you’re looking for a new job or just want to see what’s new. In the hopes that we have at least made you interested, we hope to see you there.

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