The IT Career Fair 2018 and a Few Thoughts

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza ↓ 1 minute read
Nov 28, 2018
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As you may have seen from our Facebook Page, we attended this year’s IT Career Fair in Cluj-Napoca.

And we’re very happy we did.

Especially for the fact that we met so many interesting people in search for that perfect job in IT.

Cluj IT Career Fair 2018 Retrospective

Since we have plenty IT job opportunities that we’re currently recruiting for here in Cluj, our stand at the fair was flooded with IT people.

But first things first.

Human Direct @ The IT Career Fair Cluj-Napoca

We decorated our stand as best as we could.

We had the cupcakes going, we had the coffee going, we also had the IT jobs beautifully frames and ready to hand and a few autumn touches to top it off.

Here are a few shots from Human Direct stand at the IT Career Fair.

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Slideshow of 4 images.

We had a really great time putting the stand together, with the visuals and all the details, that make a whole great difference to us.

We’re human approach about what we do but we’re also super details oriented.

As promised, we awarded the Oculus GO to our randomly-picked winner Răzvan-Flavius Derscariu

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The 2 days at the Cluj-Napoca IT Career Fair 2018 we’re amazing indeed. We met a lot of interesting folks who wanted to see what are the best IT jobs.

Plus we spent a great time together in the Human Direct family.

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Slideshow of 8 images.

It was a great experience for us and we want to congrats Târgul de Cariere IT on this behalf for the great job they did.

Happy National Day Romania!

This being said, we now want to share with you a few thoughts for national event this Saturday.

This 1st of December is truly an event, given Romania celebrates its 100 years anniversary of the union of all its historical provinces.

On this occasion we want to shout out a big “Happy National Day” to Romania and all Romanians all over the world.

Along with it, we send our best wishes for peace, unity and prosperity of our country and for us all its citizens.


We're eager to see the parade this year, we’ve figured it’s going to be something special!

It’s going to be a long and happy weekend, we’re sure! Until next time we hope you'll enjoy it!

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