Let’s welcome the new year with new jobs!

Ana Sandu
Ana Sandu ↓ 1 minute read
Jan 13, 2020
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What better moment to make a commitment to yourself than now, when change is the word of the day?

Ask yourself: does the job you have make you satisfied, did you talk with your colleagues during the break? were you waiting for the holidays to be over in order to go back to the office?

If the answer is NO, don’t worry, Human Direct has your back.

Just out of the oven, here are 5 jobs that will get your attention:

  1. Technical Project Manager - Are you in a similar role for at least 2 years? Do you have a technical background? And most importantly, are you a person who likes almost family-like working environments? Then you have to open that link now!
  2. UI Technical Lead- We invite you to chat with us about a new interesting role that allows you to cover a "by the book" Technical Lead position, guiding the development of greenfield applications and with the perspective of contributing to the Open Source community. The key word is Cognitive Operating System.
  3. Mid/Senior Python Developer - Become a member of a young now-forming team at a new company in Cluj! The maine challenge is working with Python on different projects on data and document processing.
  4. Java Technical Lead - This job is about development and decision making!
    Our partner has a clear goal set in mind: making worldwide public transportation as functional as the latest technologies and the most brilliant minds can compute!
  5. Senior DevOps Engineer- Join this company to work with new technologies such as AWS, Kubernetes, ELK, Terraform, Python, Ansible on a really interesting product - anti-money laundering system.

If none of the above is what you’re looking for, browse our job section while you have your coffee or write to us. We are very good listeners and might not be a week until we have what you want.

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