Senior Product Engineer

Senior level • Full-time • Remote or Cluj-Napoca

Job Summary

We want to work with people that are more interested in working on the next challenge than discussing the success of their last one.

We’re global and distributed by choice which requires excellent written and spoken communication skills. You consider yourself, and are considered by others in technology conferences and open source projects, to be a senior developer. You have a demonstrable track-record of passionately creating beautiful software, and you prefer working with peers although you have led development teams.

We do all our work in English, and we would prefer individuals proficient in written and spoken English.


1. Proficiency in multiple languages

We would prefer individuals who have demonstrable knowledge in Scala, Java and JavaScript, but are also open to individuals with demonstrable track records in other languages like Python, Ruby, C#, F# and Clojure.

2. Demonstrable track-record, preferably on open source projects

We prefer individuals with an established track record in making business applications, and we would prefer reviewing your code over your CV. As this is not possible for any commercial work you may have done, we would prefer to see your commits on an open source project. Ideally, please provide us with your git account. If you regularly write about technology, send us a link to your website or publications.

3. Dogma-free, results-driven

Rituals like sprints and stand-up meetings only make sense when there’s worthwhile content to within them. We like working with people who question things to get things done and don’t go through rituals because “sure they failed, but at least they followed the process”.

4. Engineers over technicians

It’s a subtle distinction, but an important one. You’re willing to try out things no one has before and you are able to look beyond the “awe of implementation” to determine how to minimize complexity in the systems you develop. You’re not interested in copy-pasting code snippets, but working out why and how things should work.

5. Front-end/back-end? Excellence doesn’t divide

We prefer working with Engineers who don’t distinguish between the back-end or front-end of things, and are able to get things working on both ends

6. Solid understanding of web technology

You should have very strong and demonstrable knowledge of web security and protocols.


We offer a more sustainable income alternative by compensating our team members directly on product revenue based on contribution. Together, we’re taking on Requests for Proposals at Corporates with the biggest software consultancies and vendors. And winning.

Why join us?

1. Because business applications can be a lot better

We’re inspired by the best the gaming world is producing today, and we want to bring game quality technology and design to business applications. It took us a while to figure out how to make such applications, and today we have a method and a platform to create awesome business applications.

2. Because we want the space to make and learn from our own mistakes

We started the company because we wanted the space to explore what business software could be without restrictions, and this meant we would need to make mistakes. We didn’t want an investment nanny on our coat-tails telling us what we could and couldn’t do and how to make something that fit nicely into some hype cycle or quadrant. Rather, we wanted to try something out and work on it with the conviction that the only people we answered to were our peers. We’re self-financed and proud of it. And along the way, we found that some businesses valued this attitude and started hiring us to build software for them by giving us the same space. We don’t make decisions based on fear. And we don’t defend our work out of fear of losing face.

3. Because it’s easier to talk about technology than to get things working

There’s too much social noise around technology. And there are far too many people in it that know little or nothing about it that do little more than generate hot air. We want to work with people who would rather get things working than talking or posturing about it.

4. Because it’s too easy giving each other glorious titles

We don’t have self-promoting titles like CEO, CTO, CFO and as many Vice Presidents as there is space. In our company, it’s no one’s job to watch others work. This means trust is our operating principle, and nothing generates trust like transparency, visibility and results.

5. Because fair and transparent compensation matters

We don’t want to work somewhere where a bunch of people drive big swanky cars and others come to work in dinky ones. We are transparent about our salaries, and everyone in the company (including the founders) earns a salary slightly higher with comparable market salaries and based on our real needs. Every year we take our income, decide what to reinvest in the business, and then share the remainder in an open structure with our team members.

6. Because marketing is far too important to leave to only marketers

We believe marketing should form the fabric of a company that everyone in the company understands and applies. And we believe it’s easier to teach engineers about art than teaching artists about engineering. Or marketing and business for that matter. We provide business consulting services with the same fervour that we build our software.

7. Because work isn’t somewhere we come to pretend

We learn early in our career that work is a place where you come to pretend. Pretend to be interested in things you aren’t. Pretend to be someone you are not. Pretending to like people you don’t. Pretend that things that matter most to you don’t because it’s not part of the status quo. Our work is something that occupies a big portion of our lives, and it’s somewhere we don’t want to pretend.

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