6 New Jobs for you to Love!

Ana Sandu
Ana Sandu ↓ 1 minute read
Feb 24, 2020
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Dragobete is the day to celebrate love. We invite you to say out loud I love my job!

How did it make you feel? Was it the real thing or the words just didn’t come out right? If you smiled right away and thought this is stupid, maybe you are not into that job as much as you think. So why not take a look at our recommendations for this week and who knows, the perfect match might find you there!

Data Scientist - for all the juniors who love Python and are looking for that special company where they can skyrocket their career, don’t look any further!

iOS Developer - being the first person in a forming team is quite challenging but also greatly rewarding. If you add the 30 years experience of the company you get a perfect environment for stability but also technical growth

JavaScript Developer - who doesn’t like working on greenfield projects? Smart appliances and a solution for cloud kitchens are two of the newly started. And if you also plan on working with Node.js but don’ exactly know where to begin, this is the place

Python Developer - are you a Python enthusiast but didn’t have the chance to work with it as much as you would like? This Python-specialised company gives you exactly this opportunity - learn and work with Python, Flask, Django, even a bit of DevOps

PHP Developer (Drupal) - Be part of this team that is now forming in Cluj. Develop enterprise projects for insurance, banking and administration industries using Drupal 8

Full-stack Developer - Our very first role in Oradea! We are seeking a Senior Full-stack Developer with 5+ years of experience in web development preferably with JavaScript. You would be developing the company's own product, which is in very high demand right now and is a unique solution used in animating vector images.

With or without the perfect job, enjoy this day and the values it instils!

We will be here tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so on. We got you covered in case the job you have now will not respond to your professional plans and you will want something new and exciting!

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