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Erika Kósa
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Dec 19, 2018
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Last month we celebrated our 7 years anniversary.

Given we super-excited about the IT Career Fair Cluj and other projects we had going on at that time, we decided to keep it simple and cozy.

And so we did.

But still, we couldn't just keep it to ourselves. So we figured we'd share it with the participants at the IT Career Fair who came to meet us there.

So we prepared our stand accordingly.

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Our delicious cupcakes were specially baked for the event and we had a great time sharing them with you.

Speaking of which, we awarded the winner of our Oculus Go contest at the fair.

And the winner was: Răzvan Flavius Derscariu.

We invited Răzvan at our office to try the Oculus Go. It was his first time ever trying a VR gadget and he liked it a lot.

This is what he had to say about it:

"I love the VR to bits! I use the Oculus Go to play games and watch movies. I am happy that I was so lucky!"

Thank you Răzvan for your kind words and we hope you'll enjoy your Oculus Go for many years to come.

Celebration Time

Since we spent our entire weekend at the IT Career Fair Cluj, at the end of the last day, we gathered together and went out to celebrate our 7 years anniversary.

We chose Samsara Foodhouse as our destination.

They have amazing and healthy food that we really love a lot and a great vibe. Big thumbs up!

On top of that, they also had a lovely live piano night, entertained by the very talented Răzvan Măhuleț.

We absolutely enjoyed it.


Photo source: Samsara Foodhouse Facebook Page

It was intimate, simple and lovely. Just as we like it!

Our Thoughts

We realized once again that we're a stronger team each year.

Our strength comes from the fact that we want to add value to the IT community in Cluj and we do this with great passion.

Each year gets us closer to our dream to deliver the best possible IT recruitment solutions on the market.

We're slowly but surely getting there.

On this occasion we want to send our deepest gratitude to each and every one of you for investing us with your trust, over these 7 years.

We promise you that we will continue to offer our very best.

It's our goal to help candidates build the IT career they desire, and aid companies built their IT dream teams here in Cluj.

Thank you!

The Human Direct Team

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