Human Direct focuses on creating innovative recruitment solutions to deliver memorable experience for developers and their future employment. Our winning solutions start with having a technical team empowered to make change and even to provide a more engaging software developer experience. We act globally, we have open positions to all levels from graduate trainees to senior management in Europe and USA.

Our values

Human approach

We do care about people choices for their future.

We help new employees and managers to build strong relationships from the first days and weeks of their new job.
Together we blend human touch of developers first days at their new workplace.


We keep it simple.

Our recruitment process is created by a technical team that makes the developer experience more extraordinary in the simple way. We are not interested in long interviews, we encourage our partners to get in touch with new hires in motivational technical sessions.


We are success oriented approach.

Our focus is partners growth. We are all successful when face to face welcoming of the new developers is done correctly. Our success is defined by the best opportunities that we create for their professional achievements.

And many more reasons to work with us.

Meet the team

Erika Kósa

Erika Kósa

Managing Partner
Balázs Csaba

Balázs Csaba

Technical Advisor
Lia Mihuț (Ganea)

Lia Mihuț (Ganea)

IT Recruitment Coordinator
Andreea Măjeri

Andreea Măjeri

IT Recruiter
Ana Sandu

Ana Sandu

IT Recruiter
Réka Illyés

Réka Illyés

IT Recruitment Sourcer
Andreea Laza

Andreea Laza

Content Writer


Who we are

6 years of Human Direct

Team building Păltiniș 2017

What do people say?

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  • Ixxus
  • Ullink
  • 8x8
  • Riverbed® Technology
  • Xoomworks
  • Yopeso
  • Infiniswiss
  • Softing
  • Lisam Systems
  • Mejix
  • Zitec

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