Why Come for a Job Interview at Human Direct?

Andreea Laza
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Oct 11, 2018
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For those of you who don’t know us yet, we are a Cluj based IT recruitment company with 7+ years of recruiting. Over the years, we’ve helped major IT companies from Romania and over the border build up their team of talented developers and programmers here in Cluj. And we’re as passionate about IT recruiting as we were on day one.

In time, we have expanded our team to keep the pace with the fast- changing and ever-growing IT job market in Cluj-Napoca. Today we’re a proud team of 6 peeps: CEO and Senior Managing Partner, Erika, our Tech Advisor Csaba and 4 recruiters with different backgrounds. Together we are a melting pot of colorful and friendly personalities eager to add something of value to our clients as well as to the interesting folks we interview on a day-to-day basis. This is who we've come to be today:

Speaking of which, we figured it would be interested to show you how a Human Direct interview goes and perhaps give you another good reason to apply for an IT job. BTW, you can find all the jobs that we’re currently recruiting for listed in our Jobs section. If you find something interesting, here is how to expect from an interview with us.

Talks first

At Human Direct you don’t come for a traditional job interview. What we like to do is to get to know you better, to know a little bit more about your background, what your aspirations and goals are, career wise, as well as on a personal level. The first thing to expect is a relaxing, friendly and comfortable discussion and not an evaluation per se. Openness and honesty is what we value most at this point.


Help us help you

Moving along, after the first talk, we try help you see what helped you grow in your career, what boosted your up and what were the less pleasant experiences that you wouldn’t want to repeat. At this point, our organizational psychologists will help you choose only those jobs and organizational cultures that represent you personally and will actually contribute to your career advancement.

Discover who you are

After the first talk, we will put together for you a professional profile and recommend the IT jobs in the companies that will match your goals and values best. Of course, your feedback is required here so that we make sure we’ve understood you thoroughly and completely.

In short, when you come for a job interview at Human Direct, you get free professional counseling and a life-long partner in us. Our mission is to actually help and not just sign contracts and fill in our pockets. We believe our job is greater than just that, and you know, we are the ones getting people hired.



We don’t like leaving questions unanswered, so: Why come for a job interview at Human Direct?

  • For meeting the professionals who can offer you a glimpse of their experience and expertise in helping you make the most of your career.
  • For getting to know the people with whom you can build long lasting relationship and you can rely on whenever you need a career advice or a new job in IT.
  • Last but not least, for the experience that we hope will contribute to your future career success.

If this is you, if this is something that clicks with you, our door is always open for you. Coffee and cookies are on the house! ☕🍰


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