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Andreea Laza
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Apr 12, 2018
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The Easter Holidays have just passed and we hope you enjoyed a wonderful time alongside your dear ones. As for us, we’ve returned from the holidays with refreshed and eager to continue on our mission to offer the best IT recruitment services in Cluj-Napoca. Since this is a time of new beginnings, of fresh starts and renewal, we figured it’s time to start a new blog series. And that is a more intimate approach so we can get to know each other better.

In this sense, we want to share with you our vision, our methods as well as what’s new with us.


As we mentioned above, we strive to be the best at what we do, at the best of our abilities. And for this, we are a well-knit team of peeps, each highly specialized at what we do.

How We Started

Erika, our CEO and Senior Managing Partner has 10+ years’ experience in the field and is passionate about organizational psychology. Her mission is to help others find theirs’. Csaba is the Technical Advisor, a very important player when it comes to IT recruitment. In 2013 psychologist Lia Ganea joined the team with great enthusiasm and a load of positivity. Ever since she’s been a central player at Human Direct and now she is the human resources coordinator, the “mother of dragons” as we rightfully call her.

Three years later, Andreea came along with an open mind and will to learn, after an American work and travel experience. Although she has an economic background, she’s followed her passion for HR that led her to us. Today, she is one of our two IT recruitment consultants, together with Ana. Speaking of which, Ana is the last piece of the Human Direct puzzle, with a background in Media and PR as well as Psychology. Together we are Human Direct, a Cluj based IT recruitment company who believes that a human approach is the best policy.

What Human Direct Stands For

Human Direct means that we are directed towards the human behind the CV, the degrees and the technologies they master. This is because our purpose is to help people find each other and at the same time create a memorable experience for developers who come to the interview.

For this, we have developed and fine tuned a human approach for our IT recruitment processes. To make you better understand what we mean by it, we allocate an average of 4 and a half hours per candidate, from the first contact to the final feedback and accepting the job offer. It’s easy to understand that it’s more that’s going on behind the scenes, but we make it look simple for the candidate. And all this, to offer a premium recruiting experience, that they can’t find with any given recruiting agency in Cluj-Napoca.

However, when we started, the recruiting process was on average 1 hour and a half longer per candidate. In time, we managed to reduce these times without cutting on the human approach factor nor the close relationships we have built with our candidates. And this is what separates us from poor HR.

We Had Almost Immediate Results

But our great efforts to design a recruiting strategy where the candidate is the central piece of the mission, have not gone unnoticed. We are proud to say that we keep great relations with all the candidates that we have met over the years, as well as with the companies that hire us to recruit the fitting IT specialists for them. Today we work for major companies worldwide and our portfolio keeps on growing.

Besides our human approach, our values have made the difference between us and the other IT recruitment companies in Cluj-Napoca. Our main values are professionalism, integrity, adding value, respect towards the candidate as well as confidentiality.

Respect for Our Candidates' Data

Given we work with databases, confidentiality and data protection is very important to us. In this sense, our candidates always give their consent in writing or by telephone, before we forward them to our clients. We believe this is a major advantage that we offer the candidate, especially if he or she is particularly interested in personal data confidentiality and security. Our candidates know that their data is safe with us as we make sure of that, this being a firm commitment to them.

And our confidentiality policy comes in agreement with the more recent European legislation update regarding data privacy.


We’re referring to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the most important data privacy regulation of the last 20 years. Since the end of last year we have payed a lot of attention and dedicated a lot of time to understand and comply to this new regulation that will come to force starting with May 25th.

Our GDPR Compliance Progress

We have started the legal procedures at the beginning of this month. This first stage we’re on consists of the analysis and audit of our procedures and will last for 2 weeks. Subsequently, we will move to the second implementation stage, where we adjust our entire IT infrastructure (main site, API etc.). At this stage we will also review our contracts and the contract terms with our partners and we will sign new contracts with service providers (cloud hosting, ATS etc.) for a maximum security of the personal data. The entire process will take up to 6 weeks, and we will be compliant with GDPR by mid-May.

These being said, we will keep you updated with our GDPR progress and we also want to continue our “human approach” or let’s say company approach blogs so you get to know us even more. Until next time, enjoy a lovely spring time!

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