How to Choose Your Outsource Recruitment Agency

Andreea Laza
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Sep 22, 2017
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is the process in which a company delegates its entire recruitment process or parts to a recruitment agency. The main reason why this is a popular practice throughout more and more companies nowadays is because outsourcing recruitment can deliver better results and be more cost and time efficient.

The question is, how to choose the recruitment agency for your business? Here are our tips on choosing the outsource recruitment company that suits your needs best.

1. Recruitment agency’s experience in recruiting

The first aspect you should consider when choosing the right recruitment agency for you is their experience. The more experience they have in outsource recruiting, the more expertize they have built up and thus the more knowledgeable and reliable they are. But how can you measure their expertise? Well, with facts.

The more important fact is how well the new employees they’ve recruited work out for you. The second goes down to how quickly and smooth the entire process goes. And last but not least how cost-efficient the entire investment is.

How to choose your recruitment agency cluj napoca

2. Experience in your field

Recruitment agencies are usually generic; however there are some specialized in a particular field. If you want a great recruitment experience with an outsource agency, you should look into an agency that is specialized in your field. This way, they know the technology; they have the database and the networks, as well as the potential candidates for you. That’s why choosing a recruitment agency, although a small RPO, which is specialized in your field, is the best choice you can make to save time and money.

3. Compatibility

After you’ve found a highly experienced outsource recruitment agency that has experience in your particular field, let’s say IT, the final step is to see how compatible you two are. Compatibility comes down to how well you communicate and how good the agency understands you, and your particular needs. This is important so that you don’t waste time, money and efforts into an agency that doesn’t understand you or work in tandem with you.

At Human Direct we have chosen to specialize in IT recruitment and work on a niche that gives us more expertise in this particular field. With a large countrywide database and special technical manager who has worked in IT, we are sure that we can find the right person for your job, as well as the cultural organization.

We know that communication is key, that’s why we have developed a very clear and simple communication system with our clients.

With over 10 years’ experience in recruiting, out of which 5 in IT outsource recruiting, we are proud to be the first recruitment agency in Cluj-Napoca, Romania specialized in talent seeking and recruitment in the IT field. For more information on our IT recruitment services, feel free to contact us or drop us your questions in the live chat box.

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