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Știm cât e de importantă interacțiunea personală și cât de mult contează pentru o relație de încredere. Vă așteptăm în perioada 23-26 August pe Blvd. Eroilor, la standul nostru, să ne cunoaștem și să discutăm despre munca pe care noi o derulăm zi de zi și joburile pe care le avem deschise pentru piața de IT.

Ana Sandu

Because your privacy is a top concern of ours, a few days ago we've made a release that made our website 18 cookies lighter. Find out why and how.

Csaba Balázs

July has almost come to an end but before we wrap it up, there are a few interesting IT jobs in Cluj available for you. In fact, July has come with plenty interesting open positions in IT that we would like to share with you. So, we’ve made our pick, the 5 best IT jobs in Cluj of July 2018 that we’re currently recruiting for. See if you find something you like.


Andreea Laza

Our team mate Andreea’s birthday was two weeks ago and although some days have passed since then, we couldn’t have missed the opportunity to tell you how we celebrated. You may know by now that we have a great bond at Human Direct, we are a strong 5 and we never miss the important moments in each and everyone’s lives. This time we’re talking about Andreea’s b-day on July the 2nd. So this is what we did.


Erika Kósa

While in the beginning it was growing at the same pace as the other main Romanian IT centers from the province, Iaşi and Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca managed to take off and gain a considerable advantage over the past recent years. Now the IT industry in Cluj-Napoca has reached an amplitude that allows it to be considered the main IT business pole after the capital Bucharest, shows The National IT Market Survey conducted by ARIES Transilvania's IT Cluster.

Andreea Laza

We’re in full blown midsummer with the solstice coming up on Tuesday, a great time to recharge our batteries, bask in the warm sun and start anew. Speaking of which, we figured a fresh job opportunity would be auspicious at this time. We have selected for you a list of the best IT jobs in Cluj available for you in June 2018. Check the list below to see if there’s a job (or more) that may be of your interest.

Andreea Laza

As you may know by now, Cluj-Napoca is the most important IT hub in Romania, considered the capital of Romanian IT. However, except for some figures issued by the Department of Statistics in the Cluj County in 2011, there are little to no IT stats when it comes to the most demanded IT jobs, the IT trends in this sense or the profile of the IT candidates in Cluj-Napoca.

Andreea Laza
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One of the most important legislation changes with regards to data protection and security and data bases in EU over the last decades. The regulation was adopted on 14 April 2016 and becomes enforceable on May 25th 2018. Yup, that is tomorrow. Hence we consider this to be the best opportunity to talk to you about our preparations that we did to be fully GDPR compliant. First off, we have to say that Csabi, our technical adviser dedicated a lot of his time since the beginning of the year to research, understand and find ways to implement the new EU regulations in Human Direct.

Andreea Laza