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Viața este o precondiție pentru existența sensului. Depinde de noi să îl găsim și să îl fructificăm. Cu cât avem mai mult sens în viață, cu atât vom fi mai fericiți (mulțumiți) și motivați, pe termen lung să ne atingem scopurile, fie că vorbim de viața personală sau de cea profesională.

Valentina Sava
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Ce simți când ai burnout? Oboseala cronică la locul de muncă poartă și numele de burnout, sindrom care are multiple consecințe neplăcute, de exemplu: munca excesivă, nivel scăzut de energie, cinism, conflicte cu colegii, distanțarea de persoanele dragi, scăderea performanței, lipsa de speranță și de sens sau probleme cu somnul.

Valentina Sava

Yes, we’re looking for a new team member, a Technical Recruiter, but first, let’s get to know each other a little bit better. Here are the 4 things you should know about us that will help you make up your mind easier and to understand our organizational culture.

Csaba Balázs

Last month we celebrated our 7 years anniversary. 🎉

Given we super-excited about the IT Career Fair Cluj and other projects we had going on at that time, we decided to keep it simple and cozy.

And so we did.

But still, we couldn't just keep it to ourselves. So we figured we'd share it with the participants at the IT Career Fair who came to meet us there.

So we prepared our stand accordingly.

Erika Kósa

Job interviews can be stressful. We understand that.

They get you out of your comfort zone, force you to pitch a self-selling marketing tone that’s so not you or come up with desirable answers on the spot.

Error 404 is not on option and there’s no time for system debugging...

But we’re good peeps and we want to really help out.


Andreea Laza

Officially we’ve entered the merriest month of the year: December.

The Christmas Fair in Cluj-Napoca is in full bloom, we’re eagerly waiting for the snow and everybody is looking for the perfect presents for their close ones.

We’re cozily sitting here in the Human Direct office thinking what would make the best gifts for you.

Andreea Laza

As you may have seen from our Facebook Page, we attended this year’s IT Career Fair in Cluj-Napoca.

And we’re very happy we did.

Especially for the fact that we met so many interesting people in search for that perfect job in IT.

And here is a short retrospective of what happened at the Cluj IT Fair this year.

Andreea Laza

We're always looking for ways to improve our services and lately we've been focused on creating a better connection with you. In this sense, we've added a few cool features that we want to tell you more in this blog. Without further ado, let's see what they are.

Andreea Laza