6 Insightful Cluj IT Stats from The Recruiter’s Perspective

Andreea Laza
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Jun 15, 2018
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As you may know by now, Cluj-Napoca is the most important IT hub in Romania, considered the capital of Romanian IT. However, except for some figures issued by the Department of Statistics in the Cluj County in 2011, there are little to no IT stats when it comes to the most demanded IT jobs, the IT trends in this sense or the profile of the IT candidates in Cluj-Napoca.

As a recruitment company with 7+ years of experience in mid and senior levels IT recruitment in Cluj we have noticed certain patterns, trends as well as directions for improvement in regards to both the IT companies and the candidates on the local market. Without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1. The most demanded IT Jobs in Cluj in 2018

Go Developer, Python DevOps as well as FullStack JavaScript (Node JS and React or Vue) senior level entries make the most attractive jobs for the IT developers in Cluj. Senior developers are also interesting in widening their job prospects as Technical Leads (coordination for complex problems and technical solutions), Team Leads and even building a community where they can exchange ideas or hold trainings as part of their job.


2. The most popular open IT Jobs in Cluj in 2018

The local IT companies look for Senior Level Java and FrontEnd Developers, these jobs being on high demand on IT marketplace in Cluj. QA Automation Engineer or Software Developer in Test are also popular, but for these open jobs we find it quite hard to find the right candidates, due to the high level of programming competences requested.

3. The most demanded programming languages currently in Cluj

The trendiest programming language at the moment is Python Go, followed by cloud web technologies. JavaScript is still at high demand.

4. The most important soft skills IT developers in Cluj should have

The top 5 soft skills that employers look for are proactivity, creativity, initiative, good communication and teamwork. Eagerness for improvement, adaptability and work ethics are also valued on the IT market.

The following 3 stats are rather our insights that we want to share with the IT specialists looking for a job and the IT companies that want to hire in Cluj.

5. Things the IT candidates that look for a job in Cluj can improve at

Communication skills, introspection and metacognition are elements that greatly help in self-assessment and setting realistic goals. We often times have candidates that apply for a middle or senior level position without having any previous working experience. Our advice for them is to be realistic and honest with themselves because they will benefit more from this on the long run. A few other things that IT candidates in Cluj can improve are better personal presentation, being more assertive without the need to brag or be arrogant and talking on the subject.


6. The biggest challenges in finding the ideal IT candidate in Cluj

When it comes to the candidate, one of the most frequently encountered situation is the lack of response to our invitation to communicate. This makes it difficult for us to know whether a job is or is not relevant to them, at the time being or in the distant future.

Candidates are interesting in flexible working hours (6 hours per day or remote working) while most companies don’t offer this option, at least not from the first day of work. The third thing to mention would be incomplete profiles or CVs that impede us to further recommend the candidate to our client.

Whereas regarding the hiring company, the biggest challenge would be changing the candidate’s profile midway the recruitment campaign. Focusing too much on the ideal candidate that may or may not exist on the market and inflexible salary offers are two things we see quite often as well.

Bottom line

There are many things that go on behind the scenes during a recruitment process and the fact that there are at least three parties involved, makes it even more challenging.

As a recruitment company in Cluj, we have learned that the first thing we have to do is break the stereotypy that the candidates generally have when it comes to a recruitment company.

Only after the misconceptions have dropped we can have a real talk, an open and honest human to human communication. Although this means spending a lot of time and resources, this is what makes us the IT recruitment company with a human approach.

Hope we’ve provided you with some useful information by sharing the IT stats and our insights from the recruitment company’s perspective on IT in Cluj. Until next time!


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