3 Soft Skills Every Web Developer Needs

Andreea Laza
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Nov 02, 2017
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Beyond their code writing superpowers, developers are humans too. No, for real! And although a web developer job requires a certain technology stack and programming skills, there are others that go beyond what you know to do. And they are called soft skills or people skills and are more about attitude and character. In other words how you handle yourself and others at work. Soft skills are just as important as technical skills, and once you master them both you can call yourself a developer rockstar. Here are the top 3 soft skills a web developer needs in their backpack!

# 1 Communication

They say that „speech is silver and silence is gold”. However, when you know what, when and how to communicate your words can turn to gold. In other words, your communication skills as a developer can add exponential value to your work. We refer to both written and oral communication. Being on the same page as your team mates really does matter. So, when you need to focus when communicating to them is to be understandable and concise. Make sure everybody understands what you’re trying to say and stick to what you want to convey. The less you digress, the better. Also, another key to a good communication is listening to what others have to say. You see, communication is a two-ways thing, so never forget about that.

# 2 Understanding of your team mates

Being too opinionated, criticizing a lot and complaining about others is not a good work ethics at all. Instead, one of the soft skills a developer needs to master is understanding the other team players and respecting the differences that set you apart. It’s these differences that actually can turn you into a dream team, if you see them in a positive light. What you put out is what you get back. Hence, the more you understand and respect the other people at your work, the more you will be respected and valued by others.

# 3 Staying humble

Last but not least, having a humble attitude is the top soft skill a web developer can master. And this applies to senior developers mostly, who have a lot of experience and have acquired some awesome tech skills. Let’s make a few things clear. We all know you’re the rockstar of coding, but here’s a thing: don’t let it get to your head. And by this we mean staying curious, being open to learning new things everyday and having a compassionate attitude towards the newbies that you see all around you. At one point you were a newbie too, right? Being less cynical and more aware of the opportunities and the great peeps in your team is also important.

When you know how you are and what your capabilities are, together with these 3 amazing soft skills, you are ready to become one of the company’s key players. Don’t forget to keep a positive attitude, be willing to lend a helping hand and communicate clearly and concisely.

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