Upcoming IT Events in Cluj – May/June 2018

Andreea Laza
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May 17, 2018
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Cluj is known as the IT center of Romania, an innovation hub where IT professionals work their passion in giant multinationals as well as local IT startups. This is why you can find so many exciting IT events in Cluj. Like for example, yesterday we had the DevTalks 2018, one of the largest IT conference in Romania. But if you missed it, there’s many more exciting events to come, don’t worry!

Either you simply want to network and meet like minds from the IT industry or want to learn more, the upcoming IT events in Cluj might interest you. Without further ado, here is the countdown of the most important IT events you can join in Cluj at the time being.

# 1 Code4Cluj | Hackathon – May 18th- 20th

The first IT event in Cluj will take place this weekend, at the Polyvalent Hall in Cluj-Napoca. The event held by Endava and Zilele Clujului, challenges every passionate and creative people with or without IT background to compete in a #hackathlon. The goal of this challenge is to bring solutions for the problems that our citizens face today. Hurry up and register here.


# 2 Cluj Innovation Days 2018 – May 24th

Next week Cluj is hosting another important tech event, and that is Cluj Innovation Days 2018. The theme of the event is digital transformation, which according to the organizers is “the new buzz concept, threatening the until recently undisputed reign of innovation”. The 5th edition of Cluj Innovation Days welcomes everyone interested in the way digitalization is transforming our professional and personal environments. Your tickets here.

# 3 IT Camp 2018 – June 7th

Held by IT Camp Romania, IT Camp 2018 has reached its 8th edition this year and it sounds quite exciting the least. The event presents itself as a 2-day premium community conference with highly-skilled national and international speakers. Everyone is welcomed, but be prepared for highly technical sessions dedicated to developers, DBAs, sysadmins and security professionals, as well as non-technical content for CxO-s, managers, PMs and anybody who looks to excel in the IT business. Get your ticket right away.


# 4 Techsylvania 2018 – June 9th

One of the most anticipated IT events in Cluj is of course, Techsylvania. We must say, our friends from Techsylvania exceed our expectations with each year that comes! We’re excited to join the 5th edition of the event mainly because there will be a lot of esteemed speakers from the global IT industry as well as a few interactive and creative competitions. You know what they say about early birds! See you there!

These are the main and most exciting IT events that will happen in Cluj in the days that follow that we’re excited to share with you. Let us know if there are other IT events worth a shout out! Until next time!

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