What IT Recruiters Look for In a Job Interview

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza ↓ 3 minute read
Dec 12, 2018
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Job interviews can be stressful. We understand that.

They get you out of your comfort zone, force you to pitch a self-selling marketing tone or make up desirable answers on the spot.

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But we’re good fellas and we want to really help out.

So, a couple of months ago we wrote a blog on whyyou should give course to a job interview at Human Direct.

Basically how our job interviews look like so you know what to expect.

This time we want to give you a little something more from behind the scenes. That is:

What our IT recruiters are looking for during interviews

Beforehand, we want you to know that most of our job interviews are via Skype.

So if you have a good internet connection you're starting off on the right foot and you get bonus points for that.

Without further ado, we asked Lia, Andreea, Ana and Réka to share their insights with you.

This is what they said.

Lia Ganea, IT Recruitment Coordinator


"The very nature of our mission is to build a valuable connection between the IT specialist and the hiring company, so that both sides get exactly what they want. It’s an exchange of value.

I appreciate the candidate’s honesty, because I want to understand who the candidate really is.

What they like doing at the job, what task/activity drives them into the flow state, what is their current professional level and where they want to get to. After I analyze all this info I give the candidate the best professional advice to help them capitalize their full potential.

There’s no right and wrong answers, on the contrary. What I'm looking for is an open talk where they feel comfortable being who they really are. If what we have to offer also interests them, we know we’re on the right track."

Andreea Măjeri, IT Recruiter


"What really makes the difference is the attitude.

It’s most likely the candidate will display the same attitude at the final interview with the hiring company. So I'm looking for a candidate with an attitude that reflects the values and needs of the company they will be a part of. It has to be a match.

What I also look for is full-blown honesty when talking about previous problematic job situations."

Ana Sandu, IT Recruiter


"I pay attention to the logic and flow of the candidate's argumentation and the reasons him/her has in making certain decisions. In the end, every candidate is an individual with a different professional background, different values and aspirations.

What I want to know is who the person really is."

Réka Iliyés, IT Recruitment Sourcer


"What I believe to be really important at an interview is communication.

What the candidate says and how he/she says it the, the overall message, is a valuable insight for me. For instance, at the TdC Cluj-Napoca last month I noticed that some people have a problem with holding eye contact.

I appreciate candidates who are comfortable with themselves as they are!"



IT job interviews are not as scary as they may look at a first glance, especially if the recruiter "don’t bite". And we don’t. 🧟

Puns aside.

The best ever policy you can have is to take full responsibility for being who you are.

Only then we can connect you with the company that will serve your needs, motivations and purpose best and vice versa. Simple as that!

And if this doesn’t get you the job, don’t take it personally because it’s not you, it’s a matter of compatibility.

The good news is we have some amazing IT jobs in Cluj available.

And we consider it part of our job to bring to you the best matching job opportunities.

We’re humans after all, and we understand.

That’s why at Human Direct we try to make job interviews a valuable experience for you. Meaning two things mainly: comfortable to allow you to open up, and helpful to get you the right job.

Getting a job is like getting into a relationship.

If you’re honest on the first date, you will see on the spot whether you're a right match. But if you’re not, you may end up in a relationship that doesn’t serve you both on the long run. It’s for each to decide, we don't judge.

We're just sayin’.

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