JavaScript: How It All Begun

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza ↓ 2 minute read
Nov 02, 2018
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JavaScript is amongst top 3 most popular programming languages around the world, no doubt about it. But it hasn’t always been like this. And the story goes a little something like this.

In mid 90’s the predominant programming language was Java, a language that was fairly difficult to learn and somewhat too sophisticated for simple applications. And this is where Netscape comes into play.

Founded in 1994, Netscape aimed to create a proprietary web browser, which they did. In the 90's Netscape was today’s Google, if we’re to make a comparison. While its popularity faded by the late 90's, Netscape remains one of the companies that innovated the programming industry up to this day.

The story goes that in 1995, the founder of Netscape, Marc Andreessen wanted to create a simple and easy to use programming language to run right into the Netscape browser. Java was the dominant language of those times, but for what he needed it was a bit too complex and difficult to learn. It was then when Brendan Eich, a new developer at Netscape, designed a simplified programming language in just 10 days. Yes, 10 days.

This was an extraordinary achievement since most programming languages take years to develop to be ready for use. They called it Mocha at first, but then they changed its name in JavaScript. In its early phase, JavaScript was filled with bugs and security flaws, making it not quite unappealing for developers to use. In fact they didn’t take it seriously not one bit.

Later on, when JavaScript was capable of performing database queries and it had other advanced features, it was back in the limelight. These new features made JavaScript more versatile to use, faster and more efficient at the same time.

Almost a decade ago, in 2009, JavaScript made another step forward when node.js was created. The runtime environment enabled JavaScript to run on server-side too, not just in browser. And this was the tipping point for JavaScript to blow off the remaining competition and thus becoming the popular programming language we know and use today.

JavaScript is perfect. It brings enough flexibility, it is relatively easy to learn and use, and it has a fast response. The large community support it has is also something that very few other programming languages can brag about.

Today, JavaScript has become a very powerful and popular programming language. It is still quite mind blowing how a single man changed the course of programming in just 10 days. But it’s these unique people with brilliant ideas that revolutionize the world, in this case programming. This is why we strongly believe that in IT, the human resource is the most important asset.

For this, we always strive to offer the best IT recruitment and consulting services we can on the local Cluj market.

JavaScript is a big part of our daily routine at Human Direct today. In fact we’re “two teams” here, the JavaScript-ers and the .NET-ers who strive to find the best jobs for developers of Cluj-Napoca every day.

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On behalf of the team, we wish you a lovely Friday and a cozy weekend! #hellonovember #allhail #winteriscoming


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