5 Things You Can Do to Become a Tech Recruiter

Andreea Laza
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Oct 19, 2017
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A tech recruiter or an IT recruiter is a professional specialized in finding talent for the IT and tech industry. We’re talking about web developers, programmers, software engineers and testers and so on. Given the boom of the tech industry worldwide, there are more and more outsource recruitment companies offering their services to IT companies exclusively.

And of course, any company needs the people who can make it happen, namely talented and passionate tech recruiters. And if you’re into the IT and HR industries, looking for a job or desiring to improve your skills, then this article was specially written for you. Here are 5 things that you can do right away to become a tech recruiter!


1. Networking and Getting to Know Peeps

First off, a great tech recruiter is someone who is curious about the IT industry and the people in it, wanting to know the people in the IT better, to „crack the code” of their personalities, so to say. Yes, tech recruiters literally have to crack the code of tech candidates and get into their minds. What you can do is to mingle more of peeps in the IT industry. Attend tech meet-ups, IT conferences on the matter or enter professional IT groups on LinkedIn. A talented tech recruiter has to be people oriented, and have good conversational and social skills, hence socializing with IT professionals is a great starting point.

2. Research the IT Jobs Landscape

Moving a step further, the more insights you have on the IT landscape the better prepared you are for a tech recruiter career. Start by inquiring a few important topics, as “what do today’s developers look for in new jobs?” or “how much do they expect to earn?” Which are the trends in the IT jobs as regards to positions or technologies? This is how the most effective tech recruiters approach their jobs.

3. Develop Interview Skills for Tech Professionals

Developers and programmers are a special type of candidates, in the good sense. And one thing they absolutely despise is being too enthusiastic at interviews. In fact, developers are receptive to IT recruiters who are transparent about the job and the company.

If you’re showing yourself a little too enthusiastic at interviews, they will be more reluctant and start to think that you’re actually trying to hide things that might actually make them lose interest in the job.


With web developers you want to be transparent, authentic and put everything out there positive and challenging altogether. Also, don’t try to show you know all about the technologies, because you’re a tech recruiter, not a developer yourself. Instead, ask a lot of questions and note everything down so in case you interview the candidate again, you have your homework ready.

4. Practice Reviewing Developer Resumes

Practice makes perfect in every field, including tech recruiting. Developers include in their resumes the things they’ve built and the technologies they’ve used for them. And this may be a bit difficult to grasp for an outsider. In this regard, there are a few things you can do. First off, you can look into the most popular programming languages and try to make some sense about what they’re all about.

The other thing you can do is to shadow tech resume reviews if allowed by the tech recruiter. What you want to look for is the pattern used by the recruiter in either rejecting or accepting a candidate. Once the criteria figured out you can learn what to look for in a tech resume when reviewing it.

5. Get Onboard a Recruitment Company / Dive Right In!

The best way to learn to become a technical recruiter is to jump right in. Yes! Our advice for you is to reach out for IT recruitment agencies in your vicinity and see if they’re hiring or in need of an apprentice.

And if this was the next thing you wanted to do, you’re on the right side of the internet because we’re looking for junior tech recruiters as we speak. We are an IT recruitment agency located in the heart of Transylvania, Cluj-Napoca, and we’re looking for new peeps in our expanding team. Let’s get to know each other better!

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