Software QA Engineer

Lilly Bindeanu
Lilly Bindeanu ↓ 1 minute read
Jul 07, 2016
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This is an opportunity to focus on test automation, interaction with the actual product (software and hardware) for a software defined networking solution. It is a chance to join Riverbed® Technology, an innovative leader in the application performance infrastructure.

Job brief:

  • cloud networking solution (SD - WAN)
  • tools used: Selenium, Wireshark
  • test automation, scripting (Python programming), virtualization
  • working on an innovative product - SteelConnect
  • team's ownership on the product
  • interaction with hardware devices
  • focus on R&D

Share your thoughts on our opportunity. You can always receive more information about the Software QA Engineer position by contacting us directly on Skype: lia.ganea or hd.andreea.majeri

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