Fullstack Developer

Mid-level • Full-time • Remote in Romania

Job Summary

Our partner is a Fintech startup based in Luxembourg, which equips asset managers with great products to make them more at ease with their work, happier and productive. Their core product Risk Quadrant is an innovative and comprehensive SaaS portfolio management system used by several companies in Luxembourg (asset managers, family offices, and wealth managers) for a total of 6 billion of Assets EUR under monitoring in the platform. Risk Quadrant relies on the Play framework (Java) with PostgreSQL for the backend and is based on the Angular framework for the frontend.

They are a small, young, close-knit team focused on one thing: building a great product! The development team consists of 4 dedicated engineers (or at least it will after you have been hired) working together with 2 business analysts and 2 partners.

Today, they are looking to ramp up development to onboard new customers and build a complimentary application (web/mobile) for the investors to access their wealth and portfolios.
The team is growing, and they’re looking for a full-stack developer to join the fold!


Your job will be to help create a great user experience. That might involve implementing entire new features in Risk Quadrant, making the app faster and more responsive, developing a slick UI for a new business module, coming up with clever solutions for solving scaling issues, making it easy to onboard new customers, creating database schemas that represent and support the business process or just keeping everything humming along while optimizing their build process.

At all times, you will be working with a high degree of independence and taking responsibility for all aspects of the project to ensure the user always gets a great, reliable, and consistent experience with their product.


You are a full stack developer and you know your way around both side server and client-side code, preferably you are proficient in Java, Angular and/or Flutter. But, being the developer you are, you won’t have any problems getting to grips with new technologies, or any other skill you might need in order to do your job a little better.

They understand you can’t be an expert at everything, but you will be part of a cross-functional team, so they’d be excited to hear about any hidden skill you might have that could help them build a better product. That could include having an eye for UI design work; a knack for setting up microservices; or insights into creating great RESTful API’s.

You will be working with different profiles, and that’s ok because communication and teamwork is something you enjoy. You know that writing software is a team sport, so you feel it’s essential that your code is well tested and documented. Also, you might enjoy working for them so much that one day, you might be the one that has to figure out what that clever bit of code actually does.

Better than words on a CV, they really like to see any open source code or example projects that you're proud of, or any other evidence of your passion for building great software (stack overflow profile, GitHub account,...)

You will

  • Take part in the growth of our company and have a leading role in the development of our software;
  • Collaborate with developers that share the same passion for coding and high code quality standards;
  • Evolve in a startup environment with quick decision making rather than calling for meetings and writing emails;
  • Have a lot of flexibility, wWork schedule and location;
  • Discover, explore, evaluate and implement new technologies;
  • Have autonomy;
  • Free choice of hardware;
  • Get 24 days of paid holiday per year.


A role in an exciting startup with an ambitious team, right as they embark on a journey into creating new products and changing the way investors and asset managers interact. In need to scale their platform, implement new features, develop web/mobile applications and integrate them within their ecosystem, so there will be plenty of challenges along the way.

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