Test Automation Engineer / QA

Senior level • Full-time • On-site • Cluj-Napoca

Job Summary

Our partner is a leading search company for companies, people and locations. The company is currently specialized in local search and offers services such as maps, directions, street images, satellite imagery and much more to help you find the right, both via the web and the mobile. Name, telephone, address and industry data is updated every day. All the information on their product should be as relevant and current as possible.

Every week, they help about 4 million unique visitors who together carry over 20 million searches a week. In January 2018, our partner was named one of Sweden's most well-known brands in YouGov's BrandIndex, and has been established for many years as one of Sweden's absolute largest sites with scope across Sweden.

We’re looking for a detail oriented, self-driven QA join our Cluj-based team and help ensure the best quality of our apps.

Working on the Apps Team, means that you are empowered to contribute, solve interesting user-centric challenges, help deliver beautiful user interfaces and amazing and performant apps which compete with Google and Apple.

Above all, your work will impact the lives of millions of people in Sweden, on a daily basis.

What you’ll do:

  • Collaborate with a small, self motivated team of developers and product people and make sure they deliver the best solutions and features according to technical specifications and design
  • Write new and update existing automation tests for both iOS and Android
  • Test our Apps from both technical and UX/UI perspective and spot bugs, uncovered cases or UI differences
  • Follow specs test accordingly assuring quality of the shipped features
  • Write technical and design specs based on design and input from the team
  • Plan and prioritize deliverables and releases together with the team
  • Document features and experiments and follow-up with results and further steps
  • Help your your teammates solve user centric problems using data and user-informed insights
  • Plan data-driven experiments and A/B tests to learn what works best for our users

Who you are:

  • You have a deep understanding on how mobile apps are built and good experience using testing tools
  • You are comfortable writing specs and feature logic based on mocks and design
  • You are analytical and detail oriented and you are great at organizing and prioritizing your time and tasks
  • You are passionate about user behaviour and are able to contribute with ideas to feature specs and UX
  • You are fast giving feedback aiming for zero wait-time for devs
  • You care about quality and you know what it means to ship high quality features
  • You are a "no-ego" doer - you don't attach your personal self to ideas and you are action-oriented
  • You are self-driven, and you have a higher expectation of yourself, than we do of you
  • You aim for clarity, not cleverness, in the way you communicate, and you seek to understand first by actively listening to others
  • BONUS: you write SQL and have data-analysis experience

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