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Csaba Balázs
Csaba Balázs ↓ 1 minute read
Aug 10, 2018
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Because your privacy is a top concern of ours, a few days ago we've made a release that made our website 18 cookies lighter. This involves switching from AddThis to a lot lighter sharing service, AddToAny.


Reasons behind this decision involves scanning through 3 months of Cookiebot reports, and the fact that a lot of the cookies on our website were not needed, had no value to our business and the visitors of our website.

This started as a series of investigations why certain cookies were present on the website, since it wasn't clear which service added them as dependencies. After reading again and again through the AddThis FAQ regarding GDPR, a particular part caught our eyes.

When you install the AddThis tools on your website Site, the code (referred to as “Enablement Code” in the Terms of Service) allows Oracle and our third party partners to set cookies to collect data from your website visitors.

Well, that just has no value to us. We are promising here and now, that none of the candidates visiting our website will ever be targeted through remarketing, because we don't believe in selling job opportunities. Instead we are presenting you really good opportunities that can turn one's life to the better, which we believe are suitable for you.


So we tested out AddToAny, which by the way is fully GDPR compliant and fully respects your browser's Do Not Track (DNT) headers. We measured the impact via retesting the website with Cookiebot, and voilà, a lot of the unneeded cookies disappeared. More exactly 18 unneded cookies.

What now?

We hope we've made your visitor experience more pleasant, now that you know our website is less "marketing-y" and you will not be targeted by unwanted ads, at least not while we have something to do with it.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any concerns regarding the cookies we set on your browser, or should you have any improvement suggestions. We promise all your suggestions will be taken into consideration.

Until next time, have a nice "cookie-less" weekend.

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