How We Celebrated Andreea’s B-Day This Year

Erika Kósa
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Jul 17, 2018
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Our team mate Andreea’s birthday was two weeks ago and although some days have passed since then, we couldn’t have missed the opportunity to tell you how we celebrated.

You may know by now that we have a great bond at Human Direct, we are a strong 5 and we never miss the important moments in each and everyone’s lives. This time we’re talking about Andreea’s b-day on July the 2nd. So this is what we did.

We celebrated Andreea the whole week that week basically. On this occasion we had some team fun as well, but we’ll get to it and tell you all about it.

First, we decorated the office with balloons and surprised Andreea with b-day messages from each of us to her written on post it notes all over the place. And, of course, with a delicious cake. The cake was specially decorated with a cat on it, because Andreea has recently entered the “cat lovers club” and we had to mark this event.

So we wrote it down on her cake, literally. Up until now, Ana was the car lover in our team. I also had a lot of cats during college, I must admit it. But Andreea has recently started to share her home with a ginger cat she now loves a bunch.

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But this is just the start of it. Later that afternoon, we had another surprise in store for Andreea. We went together to solve a Mission Hack at The Museum, an escape type of game, where we played the team of spies. We offered her an entire adventure, a new and unique experience on her birthday to cherish and remember forever.

We enjoyed The Museum a lot, the mission, we were totally immersed in the mission, and in the end, we succeeded into making her b-day an important event for the Human Direct team also. So all hail The Museum for what they bring on the local scenery! Thank you for conspiring with us on this important event!

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The next day we gathered the whole team together, sung her a happy birthday song and enjoyed the cake. On Friday, when she least expected, we gave her a surprise b-day gift.


We knew she’d wanted a mock-up world map for a very long time, so she could pinpoint the places where she’s visited. Being the “American girl” of the team, she immediately picked the piece with the North American continent. We had to take her a picture on the spot.

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After the entire week’s experience, Andreea told us that she was flattered with all the surprises we had for her. She really appreciated the fact that, we knew exactly what she likes and desired for her b-day. This being the reason for which she was totally taken by surprise when we gave her the birthday gift, the mock-up world map.

On behalf of the team, we want to say to you that we are so happy you are part of our team! You’re a perfect fit, a very hard working girl, full of inspiring ideas, a professional with great work ethics and such a beautiful soul! Happy Birthday, once again! :)

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