5 New IT Jobs in Cluj | April 2018

Andreea Laza
Andreea Laza ↓ 2 minute read
Apr 19, 2018
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Cluj-Napoca is indeed the San Francisco of Romania when it comes to the IT industry, and as a recruitment IT company based in Cluj, we couldn’t agree more. The reasons is that, every month we add super-exciting and fresh jobs to our Jobs page for senior IT developers in particular. This month is no different. So, here you have the most interesting IT jobs that we have listed for you. If you want to learn more about them, please do contact us and we’re eager to answer all of your questions. That being said, let’s dive right in!

1. QA Engineer for an Multinational Trading Company

For this new IT job opportunity, we’re looking for a talented QA Engineer with knowledge in SDLC and Python as well as experience with Linux/Unix. But besides the technical skills, the soft skills needed for this job imply good communication and a person oriented towards details and constant improvement. Check it out!

2. Senior React Native Developer for a Romanian Company

Beyond the technical skills and previous experience, our client is looking for someone particularly passionate about React Native. Redux is also required for the job, and if you have React JS, React Native Performance Debugging and Memory & CPU Analysis you get bonus points. Coffee, candies and fruits are on the house. How about that! Ask Lia more about this exciting job opportunity!

3. .NET Developer in Cluj-Napoca

Are you the kind of person up for new challenges when it comes to their job? How about working in a small team of like-minded developers who are passionate about what they do? Our client, a Romanian/Swiss IT start up is looking for a new team player with strong basic software engineering concepts as well as OOP and .NET Framework. Besides the excellent salary package you get flexible working hours and the chance to upgrade your career and work alongside experienced developers from Cluj. Curious? Andreea will offer you more info on this job!

4. A DevOps Engineer Up for a New Challenge

The SteelConnect Engineering team in Cluj-Napoca is looking for new forces. We’re talking an IT specialist with a passion for developing and implementing high-quality innovating and creative security concepts. You have the opportunity to work in a multicultural team of IT professionals, smart peeps who are in for solving complex challenges. Learn more from Lia about this job right away!

5. Senior Developer for Microsoft AX, abroad

For this job, strong understanding of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX 2012 software development experience is a must. But even more importantly, our client is looking for someone who is compatible with the company’s core values and a person who is self-driven and wants to build a career for themselves. Besides the competitive salary package, a benefits package is also included, depending on experience and skills set. Learn more about this job today!

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