6 Fun Activities for Tech Lovers in Cluj

Andreea Laza
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Nov 14, 2018
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Winter is coming they say, but meanwhile we’re mid November, which is the coziest month of the year. Not too cold, yet cold enough to stay inside with a pumpkin spice latte to keep you warm. Or you can skip the latte.

Either way, this is the perfect time of the year to get tucked in blankets and have a good read or binge watching Netflix or enjoying a fun indoor activity. Speaking of which, there are some quite fun activities you can do in and around Cluj-Napoca.

And if you’re a fan of anything technology, we believe you’re going to like them. If you’re as much of a tech lover as we are, then this is for you. Let’s begin!

# 6 The Citadel Gaming Club

If you cannot make up your mind between spending the night out with friends or gaming with your buddies, you don’t have to. The Citadel is an all-night gaming club right in the heart of Cluj-Napoca. Here you can play your favorite video games like LOL, DOTA, CSGO, PUBG, NFS14, GTA5, FORTNITE, WOT, HEARTSTONE, ROCKETLEAGUE, STARCRAFT, FIFA18 and many more on top PCs. The prices are more than reasonable and they say the people are nice there. So, why not?

Where: 39 Eroilor Bd, Cluj-Napoca.


# 5 The Museum Room Escape

This one's for people who enjoy adventure and figuring things out at the same time. So yes, you need the brains, great teamwork and communication to solve these escape missions at The Museum. Basically what IT companies in Cluj look for when they want to hire fresh blood. But this time, it’s something else.

The Museum Room Escape propose tech lovers from Cluj, two high difficulty escape missions, Mission Hack and Mission Launch. If you’re a Prison Break kind of movie fan, and love technology, you should definitely try these real-life escape games.

Where: 2 Avram Iancu Street, Cluj-Napoca.

# 4 Checkpoint Board Games

Tech passionates usually have a thing for board games, especially those who require some strategy and wit. Well, if you too are from Cluj and love board games but don’t have the place or people to enjoy them with, then Checkpoint is for you. This is the place to be for board game fanatics, where you can enjoy classic board games, and even join tournaments and events dedicated to popular board games.

Where: 20, Milton Lehrer Street, Cluj-Napoca.


# 3 Laser Hunt Cluj

Most of us have tried paintball and airsoft, but what about laser tag? This is the hip and “cleaner” version of the above mentioned pass times. In addition, it’s an activity for the whole family, or larger group of friends who want to try something new and fun. What is Laser Hunt? A adrenaline pumpin’ activity, with shooting in twilight, mazes and lots of fun. So they say.

Where: 1-2, 1 Mai Square, Cluj-Napoca.

# 2 Skai Urban Crag

If you’re in for a more outdoorsy indoor activity in Cluj, then perhaps Skai Urban Crag is what you need. This activity requires muscular coordination and fast thinking, but it’s fun and comes with a personal reward. Skai Urban Crag hosts the largest indoor wall climbing and bouldering facility in Transylvania with over 100 climbing trails. Kids are welcome too, to unleash their free spirit and can-do attitude through climbing. They also have events, trainings and other fun things to do there, so it’s worth taking a peek.

Where: 1-3, Baciului Road, Cluj-Napoca.

# 1 Virtual Reality Cluj

The VR days are here and they plan to stay. And if there’s something all tech lovers should try is a VR gameplay. The good news is that this is now possible in Cluj-Napoca too. Well, it has been for about two years now. Virtual Reality Cluj is the first VR entertainment club in Cluj, where you can play games but also learn in VR.

If you want to escape the real world and teleport to a completely new dimension, VR Cluj is where you get the tickets from, basically. And it’s fun.

Where: 17-19, Ploiești Street, Cluj-Napoca.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our list with 6 activities for tech lovers in Cluj-Napoca, activities which are fun, unique and within reach. Human Direct wishes you a cozy rest of November!

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