5 IT Skills that Employers Are Looking For in 2017

Andreea Laza
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Jul 21, 2017
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The IT industry is undoubtedly the most rapidly-changing and fast-growing amongst all the industries today. New programming languages emerge every half of the year as well as new jobs that require fresh IT skills. The stats show that unemployment rates in the IT industry are facing all-time lows, which means the competition is fierce. Hence, the better and diverse your IT skills, the better the chance of getting the IT job of your dreams! Without further ado, let’s see the Top 5 IT skills that employers are looking for in 2017.

#1 Basic IT Skills for Entry and Mid-Level

Well, in 2017 some things have still remained the same, namely employers are still looking for IT skills such as HTML, CSS, and also JavaScript skills. Whether we’re taking about a Senior Frontend Developer or a PHP Software Developer or even Java Developer, they all require strong HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So if you’re considering bettering your chances of getting an IT job in 2017, start by improving the most basic yet still highly required basic IT skills.

#2 Expert IT Skills for Seniors

As for Senior programmers and developers, JavaScript skills continue to be in high demand in 2017 as well. We’re talking about the most sought-after skills, namely AngularJS, React.js, Meteor and Node.js. In other words, new open-source JavaScript web frameworks and libraries are in great demand this year for most senior web development open positions.

#3 Front-End Skills Required in 2017

For Front-End positions, the basic IT skills mentioned above are required, but if you want to be a step ahead, you might want to also look into TypeScript, ES6 besides the most popular JavaScript open-source frameworks: AngularJS, React.js, Node.js. In fact, advanced knowledge in either of these will up your game and dramatically increase the chances to get that front-end web developer or engineer position you really want.

#4 QA/Testing Skills in 2017

Probably the less covered and at the same time at high demand jobs in the IT area are QA and testing positions. The skills that are most needed for QA/Testing jobs are automated testing, programming and scripting. For software testing jobs, OOP skills are required even for junior engineers, so this is something to bear in mind. Here are a few open job positions for QA/Testing that you can apply for.

#5 Most Wanted IT Skills in 2017

Although a lot of IT companies are now working with dedicated roles for different operations, the ideal IT employer in 2017 still remains the Full Stack developer. Even for back-end position, the ideal candidate has to have a minimum 1 year experience with front-end technologies and be acquainted with them. In other words: a Full-Stack specialist. The most valuable IT full-stack skills are: BackEnd with Java and/or C# and FrontEnd with AngularJS,React.js. Yes, it requires wearing multiple hats, but once you make it as senior full-stack engineer you’re basically a key employee in the company. Here are some interestingfull-stack IT jobs, you might like.

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