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Lia Mihut
Lia Mihut ↓ 1 minute read
Mar 24, 2017
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You would think that by helping others find the perfect candidate for their opened positions, would make finding our new colleague an easy task… It turned out to be yet another challenge, so we are very happy to have found Ana Sandu, our new IT Recruitment Consultant! We are proud to have amongst ourselves somebody with such vast and varied working experience and who is also great team player and well, simply a nice person.

Ana started her career in communication, working for an advertising agency and a non-profit organization and after achieving her second bachelor degree in Psychology she took a turn and started working in HR.

While doing all this, she also got the chance to work as a Research Analyst in one of Cluj’s largest IT company, so she has a priceless insight in the local IT industry.

Her true passion is psychology which makes her a perfect blend in our team. Interests in neuropsychology are her latest findings.

We gave her our traditional “sweet” welcome with cake, presents and encouragement to help her get settled and start her HD adventure.




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