How We Celebrated Our 6 Years Anniversary

Andreea Laza
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Nov 16, 2017
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They say that time flies when you do what you love most, and we came to believe this is true. It’s amazing how these 6 years went by since the early days of Human Direct. 6 years ago we had big plans and a lot of ideas to build up the best recruitment company specialized in IT recruitment in Cluj-Napoca. And then there was a long and bumpy road, learning curves, great achievements, a whole lot of challenges and here we are today going stronger than ever.

So we had to celebrate this event, like we always do. Those who know us they know how much we like celebrations, no matter how big or small.

Speaking of which, this is how we celebrated Human Direct’s 6th anniversary. It was casual, in-house, but a great day in which we have lots of fun. This happened on November 3rd, so two weeks tomorrow. We started the day on the right foot, surprising our amazing colleagues with personalized coffee from Starbucks and a bunch of delicious sweets. We absolutely love sweets for breakfast and large steaming cups of coffee at Human Direct, so this was a must-do.

For lunch, we headed out to one of the loveliest restaurants in Cluj, located in the heart of nature, with a breathtaking panorama over the city. Take a guess. We’re talking about Wonderland.

And it wasn’t just a delicious lunch with the crew, but also an afternoon of fun activities and games, as you can see in the pictures below.

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Up there, „far from the madding crowd” time really flies by. But we sure enjoyed going back through all the fun times we had together at Human Direct over the years. Given we were uneven numbers, 4 women to only 1 man, we had to show Csabi some empathy and we decided to let him win the foosball arcade game.

Thank God we had Chris Nemeș with us, our photographer and friend, who teamed up with Csabi and helped him out. If we haven’t told you about Chris yet, now is the time to do so. Chris is the super-talented photographer behind all our amazing photos. He’s a reliable professional and a great friend at the same time. And on top of that, he has a very special skill to brighten up our days and cheer us up whenever he’s around. So thank you Chris for having our backs (and fronts) covered, and for being with us whenever we have a Human Direct event, just like this one.

What better way to finish off a fun Friday lunch than with cupcakes? The cupcake has become a tradition at Human Direct, a staple for celebrating good times. Our happy clients know what we’re talking about. So our 6th Human Direct anniversary couldn’t have gone without the festive and super-tasty cupcakes.

We really tried to help ourselves from digging into the delicious-looking cupcakes, but Csabi and Lia lost the battle, as you can the picture shows. Cupcake 1 – Human Direct 0. Even so, it was a tasty defeat, the kind of loss we all enjoy.

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Puns aside, we value these events a lot, because our interactions and the games the we play together bring out the roles that each of us plays in the team. As a bonus, we get to chat about ourselves, our families and everything that goes in our lives outside of Human Direct.

At the end of the day, we had a successful 6th anniversary celebration at Human Direct, alongside the team players that make us who we are today. Given our profile, we really understand the value of the people that make up a company, and we couldn’t have asked for a better team.

Thank you all for being with us on this occasion, for all these beautiful years we spent together and hopefully, for the many years to come! We would also like to thank all of our clients who put their trust in us and helped us grow into the IT recruitment company we are today.

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