Web Frontend Developer

Lilly Bindeanu
Lilly Bindeanu ↓ 1 minute read
Aug 04, 2016
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If you are passionate about modern JavaScript and interested to further explore the world of product development, we can bring to you an insight of a great company and competitive products.

Your future attributes:

  • Front End Scripting and Frameworks (JavaScript, AngularJS)
  • Work closely with mixed teams to operate in Development of cloud communication solutions (back-end specialists, front-end engineers, QA experts)
  • You have product overview
  • You take ownership of the projects
  • Fantastic staff benefits

Share your thoughts on our opportunity. You can always receive more information about the Web Frontend Developer position by contacting us directly on Skype: lia.ganea and hd.andreea.majeri.

Introducing the developer’s

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