Job of the month: Production Engineer

Lilly Bindeanu
Lilly Bindeanu ↓ 1 minute read
Jul 15, 2016
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We would be lucky to have you as a teammate! Take the job to the next level: Production Engineer. For technical details you can consult our job description from the Human Direct's website.

What you'll find at us:

  • a dynamic environment with daily challenging tasks
  • interaction with big players from the UK and Northern Europe stock markets
  • global operations team (3 members in Cluj-Napoca)
  • great community
  • opportunity to explore interesting ideas and to participate to the company's international conferences
  • traveling possibility to our offices in Paris, London, Hong Kong

Share your thoughts on our opportunity. You can always receive more information about the Production Engineer position by contacting us directly on Skype: hd.andreea.majeri.

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