We had a great time at TDC!

Lilly Bindeanu
Lilly Bindeanu ↓ 1 minute read
Apr 07, 2016
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For the first time our consultants from Human Direct were present at the most engaging career fair from Cluj: Targul de Cariere in IT.

A lot of people with different ages were interested to get in touch with our team. Interaction and connectivity were our goals for this extraordinary event. It was a real pleasure for us to help participants with real information about the IT market from Cluj-Napoca.

At Targul de Cariere we had the chance to discuss with future specialists in software development and to give them career advices. It was a quality time spending with interesting people and we were very happy for their curiosity to get to know us. The reward for them was our featured jobs and of course our prize an awesome NVIDIA Shield! We enjoyed the public and the volunteers of the event!


Introducing the developer’s

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