How do we make it (co)work?

Anca Magyar
Anca Magyar ↓ 1 minute read
Nov 14, 2016
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A good team is the core of a good business. From unarguably true to a cliché, this statement is on everybody’s mind, everybody wants to build fun and reliable teams lead by strong team leaders. Sustaining good relations between team members and productive communication strategies is a must for each company who is looking into the future.

But how to achieve all this? How to build and maintain good teams?

Our answer is again – the Human Approach! Focusing on the people, starting with us, our teams, has proven to be a success recipe so far.

We materialized this value by organizing our first team building to celebrate the five years we’ve been working together.

It was a great opportunity to get away from our desks and offices, to change the scenery. We quickly got comfy in the fairy-tale like cabin in the mountains and enrolled in team building activities, talking, sharing experiences.

It was great to see Lia, our recruitment coordinator, flying a kite for the first time in her life, to see her resilience to finish this task while asking for advice from the more experienced team members. It was a valuable lesson for all of us, as was Csabi’s roof climbing to save a rebel kite.

Andreea taught us about the importance of chocolate in her life and in the world in general, which was a good metaphor for highlighting that a relaxed mind achieves better results or that having a reward in mind is a good productivity booster.

The games we played were aimed to enhance participative management and they encouraged everybody to take initiatives regarding work strategies and procedures. We discovered who the coordinator, the initiator and the binder is in the team by using description games and sustaining outdoor activities.

As we are a small team, we could invite our team members’ partners to this event so everybody got a glimpse into each other’s home life as well.

We believe these details help us transition from being just coworkers to belonging to a team, building friendships all of which will improve the way we work together.

And this is how it all looked like:

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