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Anca Magyar
Anca Magyar ↓ 1 minute read
Oct 25, 2016
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Although Python language was conceived in the late '80s, it is just getting in its prime. Being a versatile language, it can be used in a wide range of applications and it has a constantly growing community of active developers.

If you want to stick out from the crowd, this is your opportunity to engage in a cross training from the more mainstream Ruby, Perl, Java, PHP or C++, to the more exotic Python/ Django.

Even better if you already have some experience with Python and are oriented towards constant development and improvement.

So what you should know or want to learn is:

  • Talent Matching – neural networks, social graphs
  • Building interactive, high traffic, high performance, highly secure web apps
  • Creating and consuming RESTful APIs, web-services (data capturing & exchange)
  • Online payment, web shops, forums
  • User Management, Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Media streaming
  • Big Data – algorithms, data mining, polyglot databases, analytics
  • Web crawling/scraping

Does that sound challenging enough for you? You can apply here or contact our team members directly on Skype: lia.ganea and hd.andreea.majeri.

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