Top 3 Things that Cluj-Napoca Developers Look for in New Jobs

Andreea Laza
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Oct 26, 2017
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Cluj-Napoca is also known as the Silicon Valley of Romania, the #1 city in Romania for IT specialists looking for job opportunities. In fact, stats show that Cluj-Napoca is home to around 25.000 professionals who work in the IT industry.

On the same note, 2 universities of Cluj-Napoca are ranked amongst the top 5 best universities that prepare IT specialists in Romania.

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca is first place in this countdown, according to the "Challenge for Programmers" contest organized by People Centric. Hence, there are plenty and well-prepared developers in Cluj-Napoca if you’re looking to hire the best IT specialists. Still, in order to attract and retain the best developers in Cluj-Napoca, you need to know the top 3 things that Cluj-Napoca developers and IT specialists look for in new jobs.


1. Compensation and Benefits You Offer

In a competitive marketplace such as Cluj-Napoca, great developers aren’t that easy to find and hire. Most of them are already employed or work independently as freelancers, so one great incentive to attract them is through the salary packaging. It includes both the net salary and the benefits that come with it. But even if you can’t meet a developer’s salary expectations, you can get their attention just for being transparent and putting everything out there. Including salary info in the job listing gets more hits even if the range is on the lower end.

2. A Compatible Working Environment

Following closely, the 2nd most important aspect that Cluj-Napoca developers are looking for in new jobs is basically who you are. In other words: a comfortable working environment that enhances their productivity and tends to their health and wellbeing. A good idea in this sense is to include photos of your office spaces in the branding content, on your website for instance and make sure that people can envision what it would be like to work for you.

But besides this, the key aspects that Cluj-Napoca developers are looking for are a matching culture, similar values and likeminded peeps. Be open, display a friendly attitude, and put your values out there so that any interested developer can get to know you and see if you are a match. Consider these aspects as things that you may want to include in the next job listing.


3. Opportunities for Professional Development and Growth

Last but not least, developers in Cluj-Napoca look for companies where they can grow and get the chance to better themselves professionally. One of the most important job evaluation criteria for programmers are professional development opportunities. Hence, professional development programs are a huge plus that can put you in front of other IT companies like yourself. Do you offer senior mentoring for junior-level developers, education reimbursement or trainings?

Also, is your company open for suggestions related to professional development opportunities? If so, you’re already a step ahead, but if not, you might want to consider ways in which your company supports and values the continuous growth and development of your most important resource: the brain power that fuels your company and particular people behind it.

But even if you can’t meet a developer’s salary expectations, you can get their attention just for being transparent and putting everything out there.

Human Direct is an experienced outsource IT recruitment company in Cluj-Napoca. We know exactly what Cluj-Napoca developers and IT specialists look for in new jobs and we always have a human approach to recruiting. And most importantly, we know how to reach out to the IT specialists you’re looking for and bring them aboard your team. For more information, feel free to contact us!

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