Delivery Manager

Senior level • Full-time • On-site • Cluj-Napoca


Our partner is the Cluj-based office a Dutch-founded smart software house. Developing eBusiness solutions that empower people in a connected world. They’re on a mission to empower people by developing smart solutions to global challenges, with their multinational-scale business expertise across eCommerce, hospitality, data security, eMobility, and more. And because here people come first, they always put personal and professional development at the heart of their team. Creating a progressive and supportive working environment for their employees, partners, and customers. Apply to learn more about their career opportunities.

They’re developing the future. Together.

Main responsibilities:

  • Responsible & accountable for the on-time, on-spec (within scope), on-budget delivery of projects (can be both internal & external)
  • Leading a project from the start until the end, which includes:
    • Planning of a project (incl. estimations of effort, (inter)dependencies)
    • Kick-off project
    • Execution of a project (incl. working in Agile/Scrum way e.g. daily standups), in the position as Scrum master
    • Manage the people and resources (allocation)
  • Is the SPOC (single point of contact) for escalations. If/when the escalation needs to be escalated further, this would run via the Operations Manager/Account Manager
  • Making detailed project/work plans and monitoring their implementation
  • Define scope changes, create & arrange change requests incl. budget sign off (by the client or internal budget holder)
  • Collect & Prioritize (high level) requirements (where applicable with Product owner) - Able to- and -challenges the Tech Lead on solutions and effort/time estimations
  • Responsibility for the daily management of the project - organizational and conceptual - Organization and coordination of services within the project
  • Ensuring the effective and timely transformation of project resources into concrete activities and products, which will lead to the achievement of the objectives
  • Works with the team to make sure that the desired value is being delivered and ensures that the work is accomplished in the correct order:
    • Setup the project team
    • Evaluate the performance (and potential) of team members
    • Identify the training needs of the subordinate staff and ensure their continuous training
    • Resource management & allocation. Facilitating, identifying and selecting project staff, national consultants and contractors. In collaboration with the Head of Delivery and Operations Manager. - Allocate and onboard team
    • Guiding the work of consultants and contractors, overseeing the activities according to the negotiated work plan
    • Facilitate cooperation between and among consultants/colleagues
    • Delivers to the client (in most cases this would be the main HQ), provides demos to the customer as per need
    • Participation in all the events of the project, ensuring their proper preparation
    • Ensure project work/activities are documented and that the correct documentation is created and available
      • for customer
      • for project team members
      • other stakeholders (AM, Operations manager)
  • People management: mentoring, coaching and guiding employee/team member’s career paths. - Ensuring the circulation of information/communication within the project and for other departments of the organization, periodically organizing meetings with the project team and presenting the project of the other departments or team
  • Resolving the problems encountered in carrying out the project and escalating/informing the management team/other stakeholders in a timely manner about the problems that have arisen and which cannot be solved at its level
  • Propose methods to improve the working processes/ways of working/style in order to maximize the efficiency of reaching the proposed objectives and to supervise the activity of the project staff - Responsibility of the completeness, truthfulness and correctness of the reports prepared for the client (can be both internal and external), sponsor, funder, partners and/or beneficiaries
  • Responsibility to justify an intervention to motivate and/or take corrective action on the performance of subordinate personnel, participating (together with the authorized persons) in taking these interventions, according to the internal procedures and the legal provisions in force
  • Proactive commercial skills: Spots opportunities, able to spot & upsell (existing) project/add ons - For formalization of new projects/add on responsible for the creation of contracts/statement of work/proposals. If required, he/she can request support from the respective Account Manager. - Handles new requests from existing customers for additional work
  • Work closely with the Account Manager
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of the information to which he/she has access
  • Compliance with the terms established by (client) contracts

Other responsibilities

Responsibilities regarding occupational health and safety norms:

  • To learn and respect the provisions of the legislation in the field of occupational safety and health and the measures for their application
  • To submit to the control of occupational medicine and to participate in occupational safety and health training, whenever it is called
  • To immediately communicate to the employer and/or the designated employees any work situation for which he or she has good reasons to consider it a danger to the safety and health of the workers and to the accidents suffered by his or her own person
  • To inform the manager and/or the employer of the accidents suffered by his own person - Not to proceed with the removal, modification, change or arbitrary removal of the machines, equipment and use these devices correctly
  • To cooperate with the employer and/or the designated workers, in order to make it possible to carry out any measures/requirements arranged by the labour inspectors and health inspectors to the employer - To give the relations requested by labour inspectors and health inspectors
  • To comply with the fire protection instructions issued by the company management


  • University studies completed in the field of Computers / Computer Science
  • At least 4 years of experience in a similar position
  • Knowledge of the necessary programming languages, working procedures
  • Analysis, synthesis, and decision-making skills
  • Very good speaking and written communication skills in both English and Romanian - Proficient in English written and spoken
  • Self-motivated, self-taught, having the ability to work under minimal supervision
  • A balance between technical expertise and knowledge as well as Project Management

Our Company Core Values

  • Ambition
  • Togetherness
  • Reliability
  • Freedom
  • Trust

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