Cluj IT Market for the newcomers - What type of developers you can find here

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Feb 23, 2021
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Cluj has become one of the most attractive IT markets in Eastern Europe and has consolidated a strong developer community based on professionalism and high standards in their work.

If you plan to start or extend your team in the heart of Transylvania, be advised to research the market, developer behaviors and to see how much their expectations fit your needs. This guide will help you understand:

  1. What type of developers you can find here
  2. How you can attract the best talent
  3. How much you will pay (for the developer and on taxes)
  4. How much time it will take you to have the team going
  5. How you can retain your employees

Starting your own company, expanding your team to another city, and building a new project is exciting, motivating, and giving you the energy to go through the entire challenging process that lies ahead. We know that it can be challenging to enter a market that you don’t or barely know and gather all the information you need, talk with the right people, and find the correct answers to your questions.

In our seven years of experience dedicated entirely to IT Recruitment, we have put together a lot of valuable information that has helped our clients reach their business and recruitment goals. Thanks to our expertise, we helped form more than 50 teams, and over 200 companies have grown with our help. You now have access to all of it through this guide!


What type of developers has Cluj to offer? Will I find what I need for my project?

Cluj is the third biggest city in Romania, and the first ranked IT cluster in the country, surpassing Bucharest. 1 out of 10 people works in IT in Cluj, with over 20,000 specialists at the end of 2017 (latest study).

While some technologies are more common than others, Cluj covers the entire spectrum of roles needed to start a development team.

Let’s consider web and desktop application development:

  • Backend engineers: Java, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Go, SAP, Node.JS, Scala, .NET;
  • Frontend engineers: Angular, React, Vue, with or without TypeScript;
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Ionic, Kotlin, Swift;
  • Fullstack Engineers;
  • Game development: Unity, Unreal;

For great results, the testing component should never miss:

  • Manual QA, QA Automation, Software Engineer in Test

How about infrastructure:

  • DevOps Engineer, System Engineer, System Administrator (Linux and Windows), Database Administrator, Site Reliability Engineer

Depending on the business requirements, you might also require:

  • Technical Support Specialists, Data Analysts, Data Scientists, ETL Engineers, Data Engineers

And of course, a good team needs management, whether focused on the technical side or more on the people:

  • Technical Lead, Principal Developer, Team Lead, Project Managers, Product Owner, Product Manager, Engineering Manager, QA Manager

So yes, you will find everything you need in Cluj, starting from technical support to management roles. And it’s also worth mentioning the healthy learning communities found here: tech conferences, hackathons, code camps, meetups, and so many more.

Developers in Cluj like to keep pace with the industry, and you will find specialists who work with the latest technologies on pet projects and in production (blockchain, Flutter). No matter how open source your code is, how greenfield your projects are and how innovative your product, Cluj is a great place to find like-minded developers.

Stay tuned, next week we will post Part II of the five-part series, about How you can attract the best talent.

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