BI Developer

Senior level • Full-time • On-site • Cluj-Napoca


Our partner is a global logistics company, offering transport and related services by land, sea, rail and air. We particularly focus on cost-efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. With an annual turnover of more than 677 million euros, our partner is one of the largest transport companies in Europe, with offices in 26 countries across Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia, employing around 1700 employees in total.

Key responsibilities of the department

We are living in interesting times. Multiple technologies, improving exponentially, are converging. Data powers much of the transformative technologies we see today – artificial intelligence, automation and advanced, predictive analytics. These technologies have been recently bundled in a central unit, the Digital Solutions team. This allows us to prioritize better, learn from each other, inspire each other and together get the most out of these innovative technologies. The Digital Solutions team is, among others, responsible for:

  • Building a modern data platform on Azure for all our structured, unstructured and streaming data, to drive transformative solutions and facilitate self-service data analytics, reporting and prediction.
  • Leveraging machine learning algorithms to analyze large, complex datasets andidentify meaningful patterns that lead to predictive models and actionable recommendations.
  • Designing, developing and maintaining our renewed business intelligence solution, working with the latest Microsoft Power BI technology, to be able to turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.
  • Automation of predictable business processes by means of Robotic Process
  • Automation, so management can focus on higher-value tasks like innovating, partnering and identifying new opportunities.

Job Description

We have a wide variety of complex data within the company, such as customer data, sensory data from our equipment and data from our business processes. The imperative is to turn this data into a strategic asset, organize smarter through data-driven decisions and develop innovative services. To achieve this, data must be brought together and made accessible. This will be your main challenge!

Your job is to unlock all internal data as well as relevant external data and make it available within the organization. You will have a key role in a greenfield project to setup up a modern data platform in Azure to create and manage BI solutions that turn data into knowledge and make technical choices yourself. You will also monitor performance and quality control plans to identify improvements. Together with the team you will renew our business intelligence setup, moving from Qlik to Power BI, to help the company make better decisions.


  • This is an exceptional opportunity to do innovative work that means more to you and those we serve. The goal of the team is to design digital solutions that both protect profitable existing operations and assets, while making the transition to a new digital business or digitally enhancing part of it.
  • We offer a stimulating working environment in which you contribute to innovative and challenging projects. The challenge of digital capabilities is to keep track of new developments and constantly evaluate which digital technologies might be used to achieve business goals. The team regularly take the time to experiment with new technology to see if it can be used.
  • Your biggest challenge will be working with many different data sources, some of which yet to be unlocked, such as:
    • IOT
    • API/EDIs
    • Relational databases
    • Legacy systems
    • Unstructured data
    • External (big) data
  • You will deal with raw data that contains human, machine and/or instrument errors. The data might not be validated and contain suspect records. It can be unformatted and can contain codes that are system-specific. The challenge is to process this into a comprehensive data set.

Specific responsibilities of the job

  • Interpret data, analyze results and create dashboards and reports using Microsoft Power BI.
  • Acquire data from multiple data sources, both internal and external, and build the data model.
  • Filter and clean data by reviewing performance indicators, to locate source data problems.
  • Work with management to prioritize business and information needs.
  • Evaluate and define new improvement opportunities in our BI setup.

Ideal character of the candidate

  • You are highly analytical with a talent for advanced statistical methods.
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills are essential for interpreting data.
  • You can collect, organize, analyze, and share significant amounts of information with attention to detail and accuracy.
  • You can turn data into information, information into insight and insight into business decisions.
  • In order to handle last minute change of priorities, pressure and tight deadlines, you need to be flexible and effective at interpreting multiple complex data sources.
  • You have excellent communication and collaboration skills and you know how to influence, negotiate and present information to engage others and get the job done.

Education and experience

  • Computer Science or Engineering education.
  • Proven working experience as a (business) Data Analyst or BI developer.
  • Microsoft MSCA certification or similar is preferred.
  • Experience with databases, ETL frameworks, data models.
  • Transport/Logistics industry experience is a plus.

Knowledge and skills

  • Expert knowledge of Microsoft Power BI.
  • Expert knowledge of SQL (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle SQL, etc.)
  • Good knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Azure features.
  • Knowledge of streaming data analytics.
  • Knowledge of DevOps principles.
  • Excellent command in spoken and written English

What are the motivators?

  • Greenfield project
  • Freedom to set this up your way
  • Great team
  • Good atmosphere
  • Innovation
  • Interesting projects

What are the pain points?

  • Imperfect data sets
  • Legacy systems
  • Ad-hoc changing business priorities

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