We’re Looking for 2 Mid and 2 Junior Technical Recruiters for Diana's team!

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Mar 08, 2021
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Hi, my name is Diana, nice meeting you! Let me let you get to know me better, and hopefully, by the end of my story, you will want to join me in recruiting the best candidates out there.

I joined the team at Human Direct without having any previous experience in IT recruitment. My boyfriend was a candidate in a selection process at that time, and after his interaction with one of our consultants at HD, Andreea, he thought that was a job that would suit me like a glove. The working environment and the approach seemed open, friendly, dynamic, and the job represented a way of helping people achieve their goals while providing the right context for personal and professional development - exactly what I was looking for.


I was pleased to have the opportunity to confirm that my intuition regarding this job was right. Right from the start, I could feel the support of the entire team, their dedication to their roles, the awareness of everyone’s importance in the bigger picture of our mission, and the openness to help each other in any challenging situation. It was an onboarding process that seemed familiar and encouraged me to dig deeper into this new field I was finding myself in.

I learned here that every achievement, be it small or big, is worth celebrating. The moments we spend together are crucial for us as a team, and we can make even the quotidian enjoyable with laughter, good talks, and always (always!) coffee. It’s rare to find people who truly understand you and who you can be comfortable around, and being surrounded by such people sparks a drive to perform at my best and boosts my motivation every day.

I learned from the best, Ana, Lia, and Andreea, and I am more than ready to give back the knowledge I have gained and further learn from the people I meet.

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The moment Evelin joined me, and I was given a team-lead role, I understood that helping the people around me grow and better themselves is one thing that truly motivates me. The relationship we’ve built with Evelin is based on trust.

We share the innate drive to succeed together, learn from one another, and do so by being committed to always providing constructive feedback, making decisions together, and agreeing that two minds think better together. If I were to describe Evelin, I would say she is like a sunny spring morning - good vibes only, everything is achievable for her, she does it all with a smile on her lips, and she has an infectious joy for what this role has to offer.

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So yes, I’m grateful to have someone as amazing as her, but Human Direct is expanding, and so is my team. I’m confident we will find two other recruiters to join our team, and I am super excited to see where this journey takes us. But first, get to know Human Direct a little bit better. Here are the five things you should know about us that will help you to understand our culture.

Who We Are

1. We are the leading IT recruitment company in Romania and CEE, dedicated to the IT industry

Our office is located in the heart of Cluj-Napoca, also known as the Romanian Silicon Valley. We help IT companies grow and develop with the outsource IT recruitment services that we offer. We love what we do, and to keep up, we need talented people like you on-board! We are everywhere, with hundreds of jobs available on Linkedin, Glassdoor, Indeed, etc.


2. We do „IT recruitment with a human approach”.

You’ve guessed correctly, that’s where the name Human Direct comes from. We value and appreciate all efforts, passion, and dedication that we put into the everyday work. In this sense, we highly value sincerity, transparency, and unity in our relationships within the Human Direct team. These values are reflected in the relationships we build with the candidates we meet in the recruitment process.


3. We are colorful.

Inside out, literally! We’re a team of 12 colorful personalities with a great sense of humor and a positive mood every day. We value the differences that make us who we are as a team, and we think that one more splash of color would make a great addition to the Human Direct painting! What color are you?


4. Big brains, small egos.

Working in IT recruitment is highly fulfilling, and we love it! The reason is that we are working with modern tools and solutions, and we’re looking to continuously improve to keep pace with the rapidly-evolving IT companies. Although this requires a lot of work on our part, the amazing people we get to meet make up for the effort we put into each recruiting process.


5. We are scientists at heart.

Talent Science is at the core of our motivation - we embrace diversity, understand the managers’ hiring objectives, their business, and the mission of the developers’ team. At the same time, we understand the developers and their motivation. All these dimensions can be translated into numbers to guarantee the recruitment success to our clients and our candidates.

What We’re Looking For

Now that you’ve gotten to know us a little bit better, here is what we’re looking for. To be more precise, who we are looking for to make our team whole. These are the main two things we’re keen on finding:

  1. A person interested or passionate about IT, who would like to learn continuously about apps, IT projects, or products on a daily basis and share this knowledge with very skilled and intelligent specialists in the IT field. In a sentence, someone really into the IT world and everything technology-related.
  2. Someone curious about getting to know people in IT better, to „crack the code” of their personalities, literally. Sort of like a master personality hacker. You got us!

Key Traits

What we would like to find in you:

  • People-oriented – want to understand the candidates and have the curiosity to follow their profile
  • Intellectual charm-The most obvious thing you need to learn when joining a new project is the tech stack of the project/product, and you must understand the tech stack quickly
  • Proactive – address the interview questions directly, be curious, want to learn more, and evolve
  • Sense of humor – this is something that makes our teamwork; some candidates can have a sarcastic sense of humor
  • Good general knowledge – being knowledgeable in different areas of life will help you during interviews
  • Can handle difficult situations – working with so many different people can sometimes lead to misunderstandings that we need to handle like pros
  • Skilled in conversations – have a way with words, and help the candidate open up with the good vibes you’re putting out; a rich vocabulary is also a must
  • Sensible topics – negotiating a salary offer and handling counter offer discussions; money related topics
  • Patient – the kind of individual who loves solving a Rubik’s cube or play chess; a recruitment campaign can take a while
  • Self-Motivated
  • Flexible
  • Resilient
  • Enthusiastic and joyful
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What Matters to Us

We’re looking for motivated people who are eager to follow a career with so much to do with the IT industry.

We offer long-term careers, with the possibility to work on-site, from our IT client’s headquarters. We have ongoing recruitment campaigns; we are continually growing ourselves, so you can apply for the Technical Recruiter position any time of the year.

We believe that your vibe attracts your tribe. In this sense, our most crucial want is that you find yourself in our culture and truly resonate with us. If that’s you, we’re eager to meet you!

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If we managed to spark your interest so far (and we really hope we did), and you think this is a job you would like to apply for, we highly encourage you to check the more ”technical” job description on our website (you can find it here) before following the steps below.

How to apply

  1. Directly on our website or our ATS
  2. By emailing us at [email protected], Subject: Technical Recruiter - HDITR009
  3. On Linkedin in the Jobs section

Selection Process:

  1. Apply with your updated CV and/or Linkedin Profile; Do not forget to write a short motivation letter :)
  2. Selected candidates will have an initial phone screening interview
  3. Interview with Erika, our General Manager
  4. Meeting the team - spend a few hours at our office so we can know each other better

We are looking forward to your resume and your short motivation letter. We’d love to have you on the team!

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