How Can a Tech Recruitment Company Help Your Business Grow?

Cristina Ghita
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Jun 12, 2020
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When it comes to pondering whether or not you should reach out to a tech recruitment company for your hiring needs, you might consider taking a look over your monthly targets. Following the obvious equation <skilled programmers + meeting deadlines= success>, choosing the best route to accomplishment becomes a necessity.

Here is how a Tech Recruitment company can cater to your business needs.

The ghastly face of not hiring – costs and expenditures.


Obviously, employing the expertise of a tech recruitment company implies a certain fee that you agree upon, depending on the options you are presented with and, ultimately, your choice. Nothing unforeseeable so far, right? But what if you choose to postpone your hiring needs, or what if your internal recruiter finds it difficult to provide you with the candidates you need, or, for whichever reason, this process gets delayed and nothing happens?

According to Devskiller, an unfilled position can cost you up to 500$ a day, with an average time to hire of 35.5 days, varying and getting close to 95 days, totaling an astounding 17, 650$ (35.5 x 500). You can do your own math, but consider the projects you cannot take on (if you are outsourcing your software services), consider the delay in build releases, client reach, and everything that costs money whilst not being able to deliver due to shortage of skilled minds. These all add up.

Access to a rich database and strong networking diligently built.


Besides looking to fill in a new position, you should also be mindful of your employee turnover. According to Insight Dice, the time spent with a company in the software development industry ranges between 1.5 years to 8.5 years, with an average of 3 years. Granted, these are numbers gathered from the US market, but more often than not, we find this number being actually lower than the proposed average. Just one of the things you need to keep in mind when setting new targets for your business.

This is where tech recruitment companies come into play: having been on a market long enough, and as a well-established recruitment agency, there is a substantial database of skillful programmers you gain access to. Before anyone raises some GDPR-concerned eyebrows, this is not how it works. Basically, tech recruiters have built strong professional relationships with a great number of candidates over the years, and have gathered information on their skill set, their motivation, their likelihood of choosing one opportunity over another, and many other valuable pieces of information. They have built trust and declared mutual appreciation for the field, which is why contacting the right people is greatly aided through this type of network. A valuable asset to have access to.



A key factor you should not overlook is the knowledge that allows for a tech recruitment agency to provide you with candidates that match your expressed needs in a way that an in-house recruiter might not be able to. An agency tech recruiter has extensive knowledge on the market, technologies used for the majority of companies in a certain area, type of projects, industries, business model similarities, the likelihood of changing jobs, and many more.

A dedicated agency tech recruiter also has in-depth knowledge of all technical aspects of a given role due to their exposure to an impressive number of projects, as well as to the training they have undergone. This is something you can spot from the very first call. Both market and technical knowledge allow for efficient and successful recruiting campaigns. What does that entail? Thorough initial vetting and an accurate match with the job description, less work for your team.

Marketing, visibility, and popularity.


We cannot stress enough how important this is. Many start-up companies have benefited immensely from collaborating with a recruitment agency in establishing their team. Apart from creating their team, they have also gained visibility through all the marketing and recruitment campaigns the agency has launched; also, by reaching out to hundreds of programmers presenting their company, the product, the opportunity.

And before you assume this could be easily achieved through a few ads here and there, this kind of popularity can only be accounted for by using direct engagement. Talking to an impressive number of people about your start-up and all the excellent opportunities it provides but on a whole other level. This is a by-product of a recruitment process only an agency can bring about.

Tools, ATS, Platforms, Apps…


We hope you are not one of those people that believe tech recruitment can be done without technology. We cannot begin to tell you how many tools and apps a tech recruitment company uses (we might be biased here since we have pretty much the coolest tools, built in-house). As a personal example, we use about 40. Everything in the name of optimization, best practices, effectiveness, and technology. The end-goal on your side is covering as wide a market as possible in the shortest amount of time and delivering the best fit technology and skillful recruiters can provide (as another insight, we also work Scrum). Honestly, technology simply makes everything better, and taking optimization – and technology – seriously is the way to go about this.

And the answer to your question is yes, we use all the tools to make sure you hire the right people, you have all the updates, and that the only thing you need to do is make a decision.


Perhaps this list can serve as insight or guideline, rather, in deciding whether collaborating with a tech recruitment company is the way to go, for your business. We believe this kind of partnership can serve on many fronts, apart from filling in your vacancies. Business visibility, access to talent, employee turnover control, knowledge, and keeping internal costs to a low can certainly put things into perspective, especially with the monthly targets in mind.

As always, we extend an open invitation to have a virtual coffee with us and let us know all about your hiring needs.

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