Spring is the time to hire!

Ana Sandu
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Feb 20, 2020
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In less than two weeks we are officially entering springtime (climate change might raise a brow though) and recruitment-wise it might feel like a breath of fresh air.

To us, historically and statistically speaking, this time of the year has been favourable to making new hires and growing your team. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • From a psychological point of view, it’s a revigorating period and people are more likely to think about making important decisions
  • For a lot of companies, the beginning of the year means planning the year ahead and employees can filter whether they have a part to play or not
  • Mid-spring is also the most common time for performance reviews and bonuses, and not all the employees are necessarily happy with the outcome

How can you, as a recruiter, take advantage of the situation and attract the talent you need?

Of course, all the methods that you are already employing are to be kept. But maybe these ideas will help you complete your recruitment strategy.


Go out

If there is a general tendency to get out of the house in spring, it might mean more meetups, tech events, workshops, talks, conferences to attend. We know how much developers enjoy them and for good reasons, so why not freshen up your tech knowledge a bit and also your networking skills?

Stay in, but make them come to you

Ok, so maybe your office is prettier than any other conference/event room and you feel like you would make a good host. Then call up a brainstorming meeting with your tech team, come up with an interesting topic or activity and create your own event. Make sure you are truly excited about this and that it’s not just some boring presentation.

Make it interactive, up to date, use technology, bring a standup comedian, organise a coding contest, bring good coffee, have techy art installation, whatever crosses your mind. The objective is to make yourself known and to meet potential candidates for your team.

Level up your online presence

If you don’t have one (are you really an IT company?) - then now it’s the time to create it.

If you do have one, increase your postings, talk more about your company, let developers know about what you do. If you even have an advertising budget, use it wisely - go where the developers you want to hire are (advertise for UX/UI on Instagram maybe).

It will also be a good idea to take a look at the job platforms you use and refresh your Job Descriptions - they might have expired or fallen at the end of the list.

Yes, spring is upon us and you can almost feel the level of energy rising. Do keep in mind that IT recruitment is a tough industry and even with an enormous effort, the results might be underwhelming. For these situations, you can always look at external help and increase your chances of closing the role.

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