IT Jobs on high rise - Exposed job analytics

Csaba Balázs
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Jul 30, 2018
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On a such a demanding job market as the Romanian IT market has become, there is no easy way of knowing which jobs are more appealing than others. Today we have released a new feature to give you a little bit more exposure - job analytics.

We build the job analytics feature with GDPR in mind, and fully respecting your privacy.We are not saving page views in cookies, nor checking/saving IP addresses; Instead we built the new feature on top of Google Analytics, pulling page views via the GA API, once every hour using a CLI console command.

As a full disclusure, we are anonymizing IP addresses in Google Analytics and we fully respect you browser's "Do Not Track" setting. On top of this, if you are not comfortable with us gathering analytics, you can always change your consent by accessing our dedicated Cookie Statement page and unchecking the "Statistics" section.

Here's how it looks like, on the Cyber Security Analyst job.


Please tell us what other features would be useful to you as an IT professional. We promise we'll include your requests into our roadmap, and we'll try to release it onto our website.Happy browsing!

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