Why Respecting The Candidate Is The Best Recruitment Policy

Andreea Laza
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Apr 25, 2018
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When we started out with Human Direct, we knew right away that the human factor was going to be the most important resource that we were going to work with. And when you specialize on a niche such as senior IT recruitment, the case is even more clear. That is because you get to meet highly trained and qualified people on a daily basis, people who know their worth and capabilities.

That’s why we knew right away that our approach was going to be a human approach rather than a strictly business approach that you usually see in this field. And by human approach, we mean with respect to the human behind the CV, his/her experience and qualifications.

Along the years we’ve strengthen our belief according to which paying the right amount of respect and attention to the candidate is the key to name yourself a premium recruitment company.


Based on our calculations, we spend an average of 275 minutes with each candidate, from the first approach to the final feedback/ accepting the job offer. Hence, we’ve managed to develop a recruitment strategy with respect towards the candidate, although it requires a whole lot more time and effort on our side.

In addition, between 2013 to 2015 we spent 30% more time with each candidate. Over the years, we have reduced this time to increase our productivity, by automating our processed more and maintaining close relationships with the candidates.

But when you do things out of passion, you rarely consider the time you spend and the efforts you invest in it. And this is our case too. Still, they usually reflect back to us in terms of the employment rate as well as candidates’ and clients’ satisfaction with us. And this is what brings us the greatest satisfaction, really. Knowing that we gave all our best with the best of intentions and we’ve done it successfully. This is what we mean by the human approach of our recruitment strategies.


Speaking of the human approach and mostly of the respect for our candidates, we’re currently working on our internal procedures to comply with the GDPR policy. We started out 2 years ago by learning about the GDPR and ever since we’ve taken the steps to implement the European data protection policy for the data safety and security of the developers in our data base. This is because we have a great deal of respect for the candidates in our data base, the IT specialists that we’ve tied great relations with and who know us and what we’re made of.

We want you to know that we’re taking this matter with great responsibility because our goal is to offer the best IT recruitment services on the market. And to be the best at what you do also implies to do things with respect and consideration for the candidates as well as the laws that regulate this matter.

At the time being, we’re on the final audit stages for the GDPR so that by the 25th of May, when the it comes in enforcement, we are fully compliant with the new European legislation on the matter. We will keep you updated with our GDPR process on the following blogs.

Until next time, we wish that you all enjoy a happy and sunny spring time!


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